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Zara is outpacing archrival H&M in one of their fastest-growing markets, Vietnam.

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Zara Vietnam’s revenue reached US$73 million last year, six times the 2017 figure.

The Spanish fast-fashion retailer has opened two stores in Vietnam giới – one in Hanoi and one in Ho Chi Minch City.

During three years of operations, Zara Vietnam has achieved US$128 million. Rival H&M, which runs seven Vietphái nam stores, reportedly achieved revenue of $33 million last year, double that of its first year in the country.

Along with three other Inditex’s brands, Massimo Dutti, Pull & Bear và Stradivarius, Zara is distributed by Indonesia’s Mitra Adiperkasa Group.

According to Mitra Adiperkasa’s financial report, Zara remains its main revenue earner and Vietphái nam is its second-largest market after Indonesia.

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The company’s revenues in Vietnam giới last year were almost double the previous year’s figure and four times higher than its sales in Thái Lan.

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