Zalora reviews in ho chi minh city, vietnam

Vinny HaloMay 17, 2017
Source: Zalora Vietnam giới Linkedin Zalora Booth at Central Group Vietnam Annual Management Conference 2017

Online fashion platsize Zalora Vietnam has officially merged with Robins, becoming one online platform, following the pair’s merger 12 months ago.

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As of May 12, Central Group-owned fashion retailer Robins & e-commerce giant Zalora Vietphái nam will be shopped at only, not on individual websites. The merger is believed khổng lồ make the new platkhung the largest fashion e-commerce site for Vietphái nam.

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Zalora was the largest online fashion shopping website in Vietphái mạnh, specialising in fashion, where it stocks fashion và accessories collections from more than 700 brands.

In April năm 2016, Zalora Vietphái mạnh was sold by Rocket Internet và bought by Thailand’s Central Group, who acquired both Zalora Vietphái nam and xứ sở của những nụ cười thân thiện subsidiaries. At the time of the transaction, Zalora CEO Michelle Ferrario, said the move sầu would allow Zalora khổng lồ capture opportunities & strengthen its position in our markets, as we gear towards accelerating our growth.

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“We are happy to lớn have contributed to lớn the vibrancy of Đất nước xinh đẹp Thái Lan and Vietnam’s e-commerce scene, và we trust that the future owners will continue khổng lồ build on what we started. We remain committed khổng lồ providing consumers in the region the best online & điện thoại shopping experience possible,” said Ferrario, early last year.

A Zalora representative told ICT News this week that with Zalora and Robins both being owned by Central Group, the group “decided to lớn merge the two brands with the desire to lớn bring the best shopping experience khổng lồ customers.”

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The Zalora spokesperson said that all shopping activities at would be maintained normally.

Robins arrived in Vietnam giới in 2014 & has two department stores – in Crescent Mall, Ho Chi Minch City, và KĐT Royal City, Hanoi.

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Central Group is one of the Southeast Asia’s largest retail players with a huge footprint in Đất Nước Thái Lan and forays inlớn Vietphái nam, Malaysia & Indonesia. The group’s assets, which include multiple shopping malls và national department store chains, are worth cthảm bại lớn $10 billion và it employs some 70,000 people across its operations.

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