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- Asia"s largest online fashion store will leverage AI-driven decisioning to lớn personalize all customer touchpoints in real-time

SAN FRANCISCO and BENGALURU, India, March 30, 2021 / -- Algonomy, the leader in Algorithmic Customer Engagement (ACE) Solutions, today announced that ZALORA, Asia"s largest online fashion and lifestyle store is deploying the Algonomy Hyper-Personalization Suite to lớn drive 1:1 personalized interactions across the customer"s digital buying journey. ZALORA will leverage the personalization suite to lớn create consistent experiences across all digital touchpoints - tìm kiếm, content, browse and hàng hóa recommendations for 6 countries, on website as well as Smartphone and email.

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ZALORA with presence in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia & Brunei, Philippines, Hong Kong and Taiwan, helps customers discover authentic products from over 3000 brands across a variety of categories, from apparel, shoes, accessories, beauty, pre-loved, and lifestyle products including trang chủ & living. As a customer-first br&, ZALORA is committed to providing a seamless shopping experience across devices & channels.

ZALORA will leverage Algonomy"s real-time Customer Data Platsize lớn unify all customer interactions and activate personalized interactions across all digital channels. The supporting library of 150+ pre-built personalization algorithms, which includes Deep Recs, will ensure shoppers are engaged with the right mix of product recommendations, optimized for their individual preferences and stage in the buying journey.

In addition, Algonomy"s Xen AI, the patented composite decisioning engine will help ZALORA pichồng the right strategy for every interaction, considering their engagement, conversion or revenue goals. Personalization will also influence a shopper"s tìm kiếm và browse results based on their real-time behavior, making online shopping coherent & friction-free at every step.

"We are proud to lớn serve a diverse mix of customers from different lifestyles, & celebrate the individuality of every shopper. Personalization is therefore a central part of our customer experience, & our discussions with Algonomy helped us improve sầu our personalization efforts. We"re excited about the customer engagement and revenue opportunities ahead of us và Algonomy"s innovative capabilities such as Visual AI that will make online shopping more human-lượt thích for our customers. ZALORA is committed khổng lồ giving customers the best online shopping experience possible," said Alessio Romeni, Chief Revenue Officer at ZALORA.

"ZALORA is a customer-centric company và we"re delighted to lớn partner with them as they look to solidify their position as the market leader," said Ravi Shankar, SVP Customer Success at Algonomy. "Algonomy"s investments extkết thúc beyond just the ACE platsize with our personalization experts who are partnering with our customers và enabling their transformation, ensuring their success in this digital-first world."

Join us at the 2021 Personalization Summit on May 5, 2021 to lớn hear from world-class personalization experts.

About Algonomy

Algonomy (previously Manthan-RichRelevance) empowers leading brands lớn become digital-first with the industry"s only real-time Algorithmic Customer Engagement (ACE) platsize with built-in customer activation & analytics for the retail industry. With industry-leading retail AI expertise connecting demand to supply with a real-time customer data platsize as the foundation, Algonomy enables 1:1 omnichannel personalization, customer journey orchestration & analytics, merchandising analytics and supplier collaboration. Algonomy is a trusted partner khổng lồ more than 400 leading retailers, consumer brands, quick serve restaurant chains, convenience stores and more, and has a global presence spanning over đôi mươi countries. Some of their top customers include Walmart, Comcast, Honeywell, Carrefour, Love"s, Future Group, Flipkart, L"Oreal, Coop, United Supermarkets, Price chopper, McDonald"s, Pizza Hut, KFC, Dominos, Alshaya, và Robinsons.

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