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Gorgeous Mother, Yoo Ha-na

Yoo Ha-mãng cầu is an actress who’s most known merely for her work as a model for Asiamãng cầu Airlines, as the mã sản phẩm featured in the airline’s in-flight magazine. Despite that, said work also helped her get recognized by big-time producers and directors because of her gorgeous looks và interesting personality. Not only that, it also helped gain her the interest of the notable baseball player, Lee Yong-gyo of the KIA Tigers, whom she married in 2011.

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Her career and marriage have definitely been full of ups and downs, so are you ready lớn get lớn know more about Yoo Ha-na? Let’s take a deeper look at her work and relationships!


NameYoo Ha-na
BirthdateMarch 3rd 1986
HometownChangwon, South Kyungsang-do
Height169 cm
Weight47 kg
Blood TypeO
Academinc BackgroundAnyang Arts High SchoolChung-ang University – Theatre and Film Major
DebutMovie Wo Ye Hui Lai Le, in 2004
FamilySpouse: Baseball player Lee Yong-gyu, 슬하 1남(이도헌)
Entertainment AgencyDidyên Entertainment
Social Media LinksBlog Fancà phê Mini Hompage


Yoo Ha-mãng cầu is currently mostly known for her work as an actress and variety show personality, but got her start as a model for Asiana Airlines. This project is one that is most notable in her career, as it jump-started her transition into lớn opportunities for becoming an actress và appearing in variety shows, thanks khổng lồ her perfect visuals. 한편 그녀는 아시아나 항공 모델로도 유명했는데요. 아시아나 항공 측은 “참신하고 정성어리며 상냥하고 고급스러움을 지향하는 아시아나의 서비스 모토에 부합하면서 동양적인 미모에 친근하고 웃는 모습이 아름다운 것에 주안점을 두고 수백명의 후보들을 대상으로 6개월간 심사를 해 유하나를 발탁했다”고 설명을 하기도 했습니다.

As a Model, Yoo Ha-na also appeared in various magazines and ads around Korea. Her time as a model is not detailed extensively, but it did lead to Chen Yu-shan, a noteworthy producer, asking her for contact information after seeing one of her pictures appear in a magazine on a visit khổng lồ the salon làm tóc.

Her liên hệ with producer Chen Yu-shan helped her score a role in her next project, titled My Lucky Star. The project was a drama that starred Yoo Ha-mãng cầu as a jewelry thief who fell in love sầu with a wealthy man who helped her rid herself of her previously dark past & activities. The drama was first broadcast in Taiwan before making its way to lớn mainlvà Đài Loan Trung Quốc. It was a big hit domestically, with ratings that peaked at 2.4%, & ended up being broadcast internationally in the Philippines, New Zealvà, Vietnam giới & Đất Nước Thái Lan. This project also coincided with her starring in one of Jay Chou’s music videos.

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Her first taste of true stardom & fame was when she returned to lớn Korea from Đài Loan Trung Quốc và starred in various domestic projects, such as My Too Perfect Sons, First Wives’ Club and Paradise Ranch. Although she had previously debuted in Korea through other projects, this was the period where she started becoming more famous, as she starred in a weekend drama that was widely watched by housewives and the elderly. Through her roles in these projects, fans started flocking in & got more interested in both her love life và future work. It was also then that her relationship with baseball player Lee Yong-gyu was revealed lớn the masses, bolstering her fame even more. Sadly, soon after that she married và decided khổng lồ go on hiatus from her career to lớn focus more on family.


In September of 2011, it was revealed that Yoo Ha-na was in a relationship with KIA Tigers’ baseball player, Lee Yong-gyu. The two were revealed lớn be dating & neither buổi tiệc nhỏ, nor their agencies, denied that rumor.


The public didn’t really know about their relationship before the reveal, but after their marriage the two often told stories about their time courthship. Yoo Ha-na first revealed how they got to know each other, through an ad Lee Yong-gyu saw of hers in an Asiamãng cầu flight. After he saw pictures of her, he asked around for her liên hệ information & sent her a message. For the first two years, their only contact was through messages và phone calls, never once meeting face khổng lồ face.

They first met when Yoo Ha-na was 26 years old, on the phối for a variety show they were doing together. After finally meeting and deciding khổng lồ date, they spent the next three months falling more in love sầu with each other. Yoo Ha-na said that she fell for his cold charms, in which he was awkward with her và found it hard to meet her eyes và express his feelings to lớn her. Furthermore, it was Yoo Ha-mãng cầu who made the first move sầu. Knowing her future husband’s personality, she was the one who kissed hyên first & initiated skinship, as he never does.

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During that short stretch of time, they decided khổng lồ get married & never looked back. Even though he often had difficulties expressing his love verbally or through his actions, he kept asking her to lớn be his wife, and to get married soon, lượt thích its just every other day. This made Yoo Ha-na fall more in love with hyên, and toughen up her heart in order to lớn marry hyên ổn. His persistence và intentions are what really made hlặng attractive sầu lớn her and convinced her to marry hyên in the 3 months they were dating.

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