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Myra Tran made quite an impression on the first audition episode of 17th season of “American Idol.” The 19-year-old petite Vietnamese powerhouse carried herself with a poise beyond her years và exuded a diva-is-born presence. She might have sầu gone overboard with her vocal run at the over of “One Night Only” from “Dreamgirls” — a tie to lớn ‘Idol’ alum and Osoto winner Jennifer Hudson.

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But judge Luke Bryan was on khổng lồ something when he said after hearing her rendition, “You’re up there with the Kelly Clarksons of the world.”

Lionel Richie was equally observant when he noted, “There’s nothing lớn compare you lớn .. you have sầu stepped into lớn a zone that’s yours.”She dressed lượt thích a star in blaông xã pant suit with a spangled collar, glittery pant seams & sparkly black bra. She even wore heels and a high ponytail.

That zone, it turns out, is more like a winner’s circle.

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Tran — whose real name is Tran Minc Nhu — already has TV singing competition experience after she took first place on Season 2 of “The X Factor Vietnam” at age 16. She taught herself to lớn sing by listening lớn her favorite songs on repeat, including those by Whitney Houston.

She moved lớn Seattle in October 2017 lớn follow her dream after becoming a household name in her homel&. Her final triumphant “X Factor” performance was a polished mash-up of Ariana Grande‘s hits “Focus” and ” Problem.” (see đoạn phim below).

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She told This Week in Asia that moving to lớn the U.S. has helped her see her way to making singing her career. “I think school has helped my singing career a lot,” said Myra, who sings in a choir. “Going khổng lồ school alllows me to lớn practice English, which has boosted my confidence so I can sing more English songs và express more emotions.”

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The views of Myra’s audition Clip on the “American Idol” YouTube site is closing in on 3 million. Her lone competition at this point — with a 100,000 or so more views — is Alejandro Aranda, 24, from Pomona, California, from night 2 of the auditions. He’s also her polar opposite, a shy home-schooled kid turned dishwasher (at least according to lớn “Idol”) who began playing music in the streets four years ago. He is self taught, plays piano và guitar và writes his own songs.

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