Screenshot via We Are Iowa, Names redacted by the Informer" /> Screenshot via We Are Iowa, Names redacted by the Informer" />

Viet tran granted pretrial release

Reporter Eva Andersen promised a newscast "different than my typical ones because I’m involved in it," but failed lớn adequately represent Tran"s trumped-up felony charge for the "unauthorized dissemination of intelligence data"

We Are Iowa">
Screenshot via We Are Iowa. Names redacted by the Informer.

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The report only brought up the notion that the legal action against Tran and another 26-year-old protester facing the same charge could, in fact, be an attempt by law enforcement khổng lồ intimidate Blaông chồng Lives Matter protesters to shoot it down. For anyone actually paying attention to these protests, it’s clear that Tran has taken an active part in them & attended many events, often speaking about the anti-blaông chồng racism he was raised to accept in his community và the importance of speaking out against it.

Tran foresaw và addressed his own arrest with this final statement on his Twitter trương mục before he was taken in: “I know y’all watching me, I say this with my whole heart. Suck my dichồng we’re going to tear you down brichồng by briông xã, day by day. I wasn’t fucking lying when I said I’ll die behind this shit. Fuck you Parizek, fuck you DMPD, fuông xã you Iowa State Patrol, fuck you Kyên. Suck my diông chồng.”

The segment ended on a curious note. After some musing from colleague Jachồng Miller, Andersen said that “prosecutors have resisted a motion khổng lồ lower Tran’s bond in the case due khổng lồ tweets they believe sầu make him a threat to the public.” It’s unclear what these threatening tweets might be, but before he was arrested, Tran tweeted: “Also if I have sầu a warrant out soon because of the videos going around on the news I want y’all to lớn burn down WHO 13 & KCCI. Gas và matches, that’s all you need.” Curiously, the tweet didn’t mention We Are Iowa, the station that primarily shared the documents that led khổng lồ his arrest.

In the end, an investigation that promised to lớn be a “closer look” at Tran’s extreme charge, along with We Are Iowa’s và Andersen’s role in facilitating the circumstances for it, came off as more of a shrug and an excuse. Andersen và her employer are both identified in the criminal complaint against Tran, but they continue khổng lồ accept no responsibility for the situation. Tran had attempted lớn assist Andersen in clarifying the police department’s motives at the Capitol on July 1 and provided them with information khổng lồ aid them in informing the public. In response, they’ve hung hyên out to dry.

Screenshot via We Are Iowa

If you read between the lines, this investigation was clearly more of an attempt lớn save face & assuage public complaints concerning dereliction of duty by We Are Iowa than anything else. Although local news station KCCI has received the brunt of criticism from Blaông xã Lives Matter organizers over biased coverage of the protests, We Are Iowa has not avoided it, either. On the same day as the segment on Tran was aired, the station began running a promotional advertisement for their news program khổng lồ reassure their viewers that they believe sầu “Black Lives Do Matter.” But the report on Tran’s arrest clearly showed that We Are Iowa doesn’t intover khổng lồ actually engage with criticism they’ve received or change the way they report on law enforcement in any meaningful way.

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It’s unclear whether this segment would have sầu even been produced had the APhường story bringing attention lớn the severity và irregularity of Tran’s charges not gone viral both nationally and internationally, or if Blaông xã Lives Matter protesters hadn’t rallied around Tran’s case with calls lớn #FreeViet. When looking at the motivating factors, it’s more than likely that We Are Iowa & Andersen produced the report in an attempt lớn shield themselves from criticism while absolving themselves of any further responsibility toward their informant.

If either the news station or Andersen really believed the information they obtained from Tran to be of a sensitive and confidential nature as police clayên, they wouldn’t continue lớn show it over và over again in their broadcasts. But they also refuse to tư vấn the first amendment rights of their informant or push back in even a small way on his treatment. They’re content khổng lồ capitalize on the information provided to lớn them by Tran, but refuse to acknowledge their own culpability in his punishment at the hands of the justice system.

Even before the incident with Tran, Andersen’s relationship with the Blaông chồng Lives Matter movement was strained. On June 5, I reported on Twitter after a protester tipped me off about an incident in which Andersen could be seen on a Des Moines Register livestream apparently referring khổng lồ a protester as a “bitch” at a protest on the steps of the Iowa Capitol. The protester Andersen apparently directed the remark at was Des Moines community organizer Chelsea Chism-Vargas, who has since called for an apology from the TV reporter.

Andersen accosted me in person at a community sự kiện in response to my tweet và asked me what “my problem” was. She also seemed to lớn deny the allegations made by the protester that she called Chism-Vargas a “bitch” và told me to reach out to her next time. But she did not respond to lớn a request for phản hồi for this story that I sent her which included a question about the alleged incident with Chism-Vargas.

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Correction: A previous version of this article misspelled Eva Andersen’s last name Anderson.

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