It’s a hot hot summer, as news castors report that temperatures will soar khổng lồ a scalding 38.9deg C. (ouch) Best time khổng lồ Laser around & wilt — unfortunately, corn harvesting duty is right round the corner.

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1. A non-entrance

Lee Sun-kyun‘s entry into lớn Three‘s set muz be the most unclimatic around. He literally walks in và nobody even bothers lớn look up. How sad. T_T

Taec & Seo-jinnie are busy struggling with lunch preparation và Maknae Kwang-gyu chooses to lớn … chop more firewood, even with his bad back. So when Sun-kyun walks in, Taec & Seo-jinnie’s reactions are “Who’s this? Visitors are not allowed on filming sets!” Until Seo-jinnie recognises hyên ổn và formally invites him in.

2. The disappointment continues…

Sun-kyun explains that he agreed lớn appear on Three to evade nanny-duty. Cos it’s the summer break, và his two elementary school kids are home. He’d much prefer lớn have a relaxing break in the farml& sans two noisy kiddos.

If only he knew what he signed up for…

It’s 4pm in the afternoon, và Sun-kyun innocently asks whether the guys are preparing dinner. He is horrified to find out that they are cooking LUNCH. And yunno, the rice is still watery porridge-y muchồng in the sot…plus the other stuff are not even near completion.

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Unable to lớn take it any longer, Sun-kyun volunteers to lớn help rescue Taec’s earlier preserved carrot leaves (which has become too sour and inedible). Lunch is finally served around 5-ish?

3. Eddy & Sappy

Everyone loves puppies. And Na PD assumes (correctly) that his viewers are no different. So while Min-ki’s appearances on screen become fewer, her pups’ begin to lớn dominate screen time.

Due khổng lồ the weather, the two bickering pups (who have already opened their round beady eyes) are in-house. Seo-jinnie tucks them into a box with padded newspapers, since they are peeing all over the place. (not nhà wc trained yet)

And omg they are so cute… Sappy is the more active one out of the two, & tends to be quite inquisitive sầu and a little bit of a bully. Eddy is no pushover either, though he is usually more docile & sleepy. He fights with his brother whenever his patience runs out at being used as a pillow or sandbag. (actually, both of them take turns becoming each other sandbags/pillows…well…dogs)

4. Corn Hell

Remember Sorghum Hell? Well, it’s due khổng lồ repeat soon. Na PD & the editing crew nicely inkhung us there’s about 10,000 over stalks of corn khổng lồ be harvested in the field. Good luông chồng khổng lồ the boys.

This time though, Na PD wants them to experience farming life FULLY. Previously (in Season 1), the crew (or owner) had helped lớn sell the sorghum for the cast. This time, Na PD instructs them khổng lồ promote their corn lớn the Farmer’s Union and he is agreeable khổng lồ allow the returns (aka the $$) to be deposited in a bank account opened under the cast’s name(s).

So Taec, Kwang-gyu và temp slave, Sun-kyun, pick out the best 30 corn and cart them to lớn the Farmer’s Union in town for sample pricing. Despite their lack of farming experience, the assessor is actually quite impressed with the kích cỡ and robustness of their corns. In the end, the price is about 360won per corn, but they have lớn purchase the Union’s approved gunny sack to lớn bag their crops in. (Seo-jinnie, the mathematician, works out their profit margin…but seriously, i was lost)

After pricing the corn, the guys drop by the supermart for dinner’s ingredients. And Kwang-gyu is soo… overjoyed khổng lồ FINALLY have sầu ahjummas recognise him in public. (cos all along, Seo-jinnie gets more popularity votes than him. aww)

5. A Tale of Two Chefs

Kwang-gyu is tasked khổng lồ co-prepare tonight’s dinner, which is 2 Chinese dishes — fried rice and sweet/sour pork. Reason being: he has a good frikết thúc who opens a Chinese restaurant. (duh) Poor friend is harassed by Kwang-gyu the ENTIRE evening, cos he keeps calling hyên ổn khổng lồ ask, check on, confirm, re-confirm, re-re-confirm the recipe…even resorting khổng lồ silly questions like…”bởi I use my hands to place the meat in the pan”? His friend’s reply, “if not, then?! duh?”

The other guys see that he is in panic mode and try khổng lồ help out as much as they can, even if it is alleviating his găng tay with crappy jokes. But poor Kwang-gyu isn’t taking in any of it…Na PD had lớn order hyên ổn to lớn stop giving the cameras a “constipated face”. (lol)

In contrast, Taec, who volunteers lớn whip up buttered corn as a side dish is the more “relaxed” cook. Relaxed, cos anything goes…for hlặng. In an interview, Sun-kyun comments that he was initially impressed with Taec’s culinary skills when he watched Three at home…only to lớn find out that it isn’t really “skills”, but more like Taec has such low expectations of food and his taste is so… bottomline, that really, anything will taste good to lớn hyên. (aww, shucks!)

Well…maybe Sun-kyun is right. Taec’s buttered corn is over-buttered. He adds lượt thích the whole chunk of butter in, and uses a kitchen paper towel lớn suông chồng up the excess oil — by frying the paper towel together with the corn + butter. (eew) While next door (or stove), Kwang-gyu is so ANAL over the temperature of the oil, insisting it MUZ reach 180 deg C before he adds the meat in…so he waits, và waits & waits…until Sun-kyun gets impatient and yells at hlặng to lớn juz throw the meat in already.