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About City Tap House

For us, craft is everything. “Craft” is most often defined as doing things by h&. But we'd like to lớn be more specific. For us, craft is complex, innovative beers. Craft is food that inspires & surprises the palate. Craft is service that delights & exceeds your expectations. Most importantly, craft means championing love sầu and integrity in every aspect of what we vì chưng. Great beer & even better food — for everyone. We've been dedicated khổng lồ that very simple idea since 2010. Please join us at the bar. We've sầu been saving you a seat.

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LocationPenn Quarter, Washington, DCLoudoun, VirginiaDupont, Washington, DCUniversity City, PhiladelphiaLogan Square, PhiladelphiaFort Point, BostonSobro, Nashville
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To our valued guests, partners, vendors and families-




With the continuing directives regarding the spread of COVID 19 from leadership at local, state, and federal levels, as well as the urging of the medical community to still practice social distancing và reducing all non-essential contact - our Dupont và Penn Quarter locations in DC, Logan Square & University City in Philadelphia, Chicago, and Atlanta City Tap locations will remain closed until further notice.

We will continue khổng lồ monitor developments & directives from the CDC, WHO, and government officials. As of now, we are uncertain of the date and timing of our re-opening in those markets, but we are committed khổng lồ a return for our staff and guests alike. Please continue khổng lồ follow us on social media for updates.

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