Tang tang strain

“Tang” is one of the more difficult flavor concepts for me to grasp. Is it sweet? Savory? Sour? A phối of all three? Calling something “tangy” at a family dinner table will often lead to lớn an argument from someone who thinks tangy và tart are the same thing, thanks lớn powdered-drink-pushing chimpanzees. In actuality, tang is supposed be slightly sour while adding another fresh or zesty characteristic, as with plain yogurt, sourdough bread or certain tomalớn sauces.

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Tangy cannabis strains are even harder lớn pinpoint, because the trait doesn’t really exist in most outside of Cannalope Haze và some peach- & apricot-leaning strains. Sour flavors in pot usually come from terpenes found in citrus fruits, which are clearly more sour than tangy — but when matched with light pine, herbal or floral notes, the tang is there.

Tang Tang (also known as Tropical Tang and just Tang) takes sweet, dank & savory notes of skunk and ripe peaches and pits them against a zesty, citrus-laden sourness, like a bottle of homemade barbecue sauce. The strain’s rare flavor & even rarer rush of energy have given Tang Tang somewhat of a cult following, with a high known for daytime euphoria & focused productivity. But lớn gain a cult following, there needs to lớn be factor of under-estimation or low distribution. In my opinion, Tang Tang has lớn fight both.

A phenotype of Blue Sonja, Tang Tang has deep roots that stretch back lớn Blueberry and Grapefruit strains, and even further baông chồng to Afghani và Tnhì landraces. The strain’s genetics are reportedly around 90 percent sativa, and the high is perfect for the outdoor or active user — but Tang Tang’s yield is mediocre, & it takes several weeks longer than most strains khổng lồ fully bloom. Those qualities are so ugly to commercial growers that two of Tang Tang’s children, Mob monster and Pootie Tang, eclipsed it inpopularity in Coloravày years ago. However, you can still find Tang Tang around town intermittently.

Looks: Tang Tang is labeled a 90 percent sativa, & its buds fit that mold, with slender, open calyxes that look lượt thích a bunch of skunky, delicious blobs. That daytime reputation is made stronger by the strain’s bright-green color.

Smell: Tang Tang’s sweet smell of apricots, citrus và pine needles is rounded out with a heavy skunk aroma, giving it that “tangy” smell, like a salad with over-ripened fruit & heavy dressing.

Flavor: This is where you learn how rare Tang Tang’s flavor protệp tin really is, as those tart, refreshing flavors stay wound tight instead of separating into layers, as happens with most citrus-heavy strains.

Effects: Treat Tang Tang like coffee that makes you hungry instead of wanting to poop: A little is extremely blissful & productive sầu, but too much is disorienting, and your wit drains by the second. I use it for stress, slight anxiety, neck pain và a touchy stomach.

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Home grower’s take: “She’s a pretty good strain for fall or winter if you’re growing indoors, because I rethành viên my Tropical Tang doing very well despite about 5 degrees of temperature fluctuation at night or in the morning. That will usually fuông chồng with a strain, but she kept pushing. Those last two or three weeks seemed lượt thích they took forever, though. It’s lượt thích the buds got khổng lồ 90 percent complete within six weeks, then took another three or four to lớn finish that last 10 percent. For an average yield, that’s a lot of time.”

Commercial grower’s take: “You might not see Tang around stores as much as you once did, but you’ll definitely see traces of it. Mob quái thú has been a huge strain in Denver for a couple years now, và that’s a Tang hybrid. So is Ultra Sonja and Pootie Tang, I believe. They’re all just more friendly for profitability, & the high is similar.”

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