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Streetwear Impact Report - 001

Defining Streetwear

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Streetwear’s dictionary definition is simple enough: fashionable, casual clothes. But that definition underplays what has become a multi billion-dollar retail phenomenon, with roots in countercultures of the 1980s and 1990s, including graffiti, hip-hop, skate and surf.

In essence, streetwear involves the production, promotion, sale & resale of casual fashion, principally of footwear, such as sneakers, but also T-shirts and other items – in ways that bypass traditional retail channels, often subverting the way the fashion industry has long defined & dictated how “cool” is made profitable. The audience, & therefore the target market, is very young: mostly under 25.

The communities that originally led streetwear were largely male dominated, & as such the style was originally adopted và driven by men, depicting traditionally masculine looks. In the beginning, streetwear was simple & an antidote lớn the elaborate, complicated styles that were in fashion at the time. The formula was straightforward: people wore T-shirts and hoodies because that’s what they liked. This unisize was tied khổng lồ both comfort và self-expression.

Pioneers of the movement include James Jebbia, founder of skate br& Supreme, & Shawn Stussy, founder of surf brvà Stüssy. Designer Dapper Dan played a pivotal role in elevating streetwear lớn luxury as early as the 1980’s out of Harlem, Thành Phố New York, creating styles for hip-hop artists who were shunned by traditional luxury brands at the time.

While the movement has roots in California and Thành Phố New York, other early adopters like Hiroshi Fujiwara & Nigo, both influential DJs và designers, were largely responsible for pioneering the street style & hip-hop scene in Japan in the 1980s. Like other major cultural movements, streetwear quickly rose simultaneously in major cities và regions throughout the globe.

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