Many fans of tuy nhiên Joong-Ki and tuy vậy Hye-Kyo earlier wondered how their divorce case ended so fast. Image Credit: Facebook / tuy nhiên Hye-Kyo Country:Korea Rep giới thiệu We all know song Joong-Ki and tuy vậy Hye-Kyo are no longer living together as their relationship ended in divorce. It has been almost a year since they separated & earlier fans expressed their aggression against tuy nhiên Joong-Ki for suddenly filing for divorce when the 38-year-old beautiful star was out of South Korea for one of her projects.

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Many fans of song Joong-Ki and tuy vậy Hye-Kyo earlier wondered how their divorce case ended so fast. Since they did not have any child, there was no question of battling for child custody. Secondly, the former South Korean celebrity-couple agreed khổng lồ "no alimony" và "division of assets". Thus, the judge at the Seoul Court did not find the requirement khổng lồ elongate the divorce case further.


Descendants of the Sun actor tuy vậy Joong-Ki has always been known as a "flower boy" in South Korea. This is the name locals gọi those chaps who look really handsome. Fans are wondering how many girlfriends the 34-year-old actor he had before marrying tuy nhiên Hye-Kyo in 2017.

According khổng lồ EconoTimes, before marrying tuy vậy Hye-Kyo, tuy vậy Joong-Ki was rumoured to lớn have fallen in love with Park Min-young while filming Sungkyunkwan Scandal in 2010. The outlet also claimed that he secretly enjoyed dating with Moon Chae-won earlier.

On the other hand, some media speculated that there could be a real reason behind song Hye-Kyo and song Joong-Ki"s divorce apart from "personality development", the reason that was stated earlier. According khổng lồ a Taiwanese truyền thông media outlet, táo apple Daily, tuy vậy Joong-Ki was having an extra-marital affair with tuy vậy Hye-Kyo"s make-up artist. The truyền thông outlet claimed that he was involved in adulterous relationship with her for six months before his wife found out.

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The Taiwanese trang web even reported that song Joong-Ki and tuy vậy Hye-Kyo"s make-up artist had a plan lớn have their own "love nest" where they can get together when they want khổng lồ but their plan didn"t get success when his wife found out.

Even it was claimed in another report that tuy nhiên Hye-Kyo was having an affair with her co-star and leading young actor Park Bo-gum. However, both the parties have declined such rumours. The 26-year-old Park Bo-gum"s agency warned people that it would take strict legal kích hoạt for those who are spreading false news & allegations. As for the make-up artist rumoured with tuy nhiên Joong-Ki, she took a selfie photo with tuy nhiên Hye-Kyo to lớn debunk the affair rumours, EconoTimes noted.

However, we don"t believe in such rumours based on some news only. We continue khổng lồ believe that tuy vậy Hye-Kyo and tuy nhiên Joong-Ki separated for finding difference in personalities between the two.

Stay tuned lớn lớn get the latest updates on the South Korean celebrities.

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