Son of the velvet rat readies ninth album, solitary company

This is the 2nd CD previewed this week that involved proficient foreigners (from unlikely countries) who persize excellent Roots-Americana. 8 out of 10 cuts on Solitary Company (Drops March 19-Fluff và Gravy Records) are compelling & interesting. Son of the Velvet Rat is an Austrian husband-wife duo & this is their 9th LPhường.

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Georg Altziebler & Heike Binder immigrated to America to lớn ride the endless highways, settle in CA & sculpted a Euro-Folk Noir with cabaret traditions. While one would instantly think Leonard Cohen & select Tom Waits – Georg’s gravelly tonality reminds me more of the school of singer-songwriter Chip Taylor crossed with The Tiger Lilies (“Hell”) but not as starkly maniacal & outrageous.

Their elegance is found in the application of their varied instruments. Many musicians are involved throughout too numerous khổng lồ mention. “Alicia,” while not as dark as Brecht-Weil has touches of gypsy violin, Ramblin Jaông xã Elliott & definitely CPU Taylor. That alone makes for an interesting listen. 

“Solitary Company,” is closer to lớn the eccentric Tom Waits for interpretation with heavy drama/dark cabaret overtones with wait for it – a dab of the finest moments of the late Lothar Meid — the deep-voice from the German-prog band Atháng Duul II (“You’re Not Alone”). “Solitary Company,” would’ve been better without the treated vocals. But the strings are solid (Kaitlin Wolfberg và Eric Clarke violins, Heather Locke, viola và Emily Elkin – cello).

Trachồng 3 has an oom-pah-pah beat (Sebastian Rochford) with a delicate cowboy whistle (provided by Heike Binder’s theremin). “Stardust” with producer Gar Robertson và Georg (guitars), Eric McCann (acoustic bass). I lượt thích it. Strange things can be beautiful. The saloon-carnival German-expressionism atmosphere of “When the Lights Go Down” continues with effective vocals & a creepy ambience. Good backup vocals và Heike (accordion), Georg (harmonica), funeral dirge-like drums Danny Frankel & Gar (fuzz guitar). Tom Waits would be proud.

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Creativity abounds on “Beautiful Disarray” as Scott Kisinger (Drago) adds trumpet và trombone to lớn good effect. Anthony Patler throws in waves of Hammond notes. Certainly, a riveting bunch.

There’s substance, originality, và cleverness at work here. I admire how these people take something that already exists traditionally & reinterprets it with their own ingredients lớn recreate something truly effective that resonates. “11 và 9” are numbers on a roulette wheel. Excellently rendered, with the quirky pleasure of gambling (on what?) và performed with a lachồng of sugar by Georg & Heike. Sweetness is not in abundance. This CD is straight whiskey.

Georg performs solo on acoustic guitar with the melodic “The Waterlily & the Dragonfly” và CPU Taylor comparisons would return on the finale — “Rethành viên Me” — a wonderful song.

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The 42-minute/10-cut CD was produced by Gar Robertson & Georg Altziebler.

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