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February 23, 2021 - 17:13 GMT Matthew Moore Kylie Jenner has introduced fans to her brand-new puppy, & they are all gushing over him

Kylie Jenner has introduced her fans lớn her adorable new puppy, who she affectionately calls her "son", & from the pictures he looks khổng lồ be the sweekiểm tra thing ever.

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In a series of posts và videos on Instagram, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star showed off how adorable her new Italian greyhound was.

Kevin looked so xinh tươi in all of the snaps, with his brown & trắng markings.

Watch: Kylie Jenner introduces her adorable new puppy

In one video of the pup, Kylie coos out to him: "Kevin, Kev, you are so đáng yêu. He"s just looking at my slippers."

The pooch then makes eye tương tác with Kylie before bounding towards her.

A second even more adorable video clip shows the puppy nestled up in Kylie"s arms, shifting positions in order to get comfortable, before looking up at the camera with angel eyes.

"My son," Kylie simply wrote.

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Kylie also posted on her main feed, revealinghis name alongside a white heart emoji.

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In the first post, Kevin is seen at thetop of the stairs, posing against alavishly grey-coloured backdrop, looking at the camera with puppy-dog eyes, while in the second snap,the pup is being held for a close-up.


Fans were in love sầu with the đáng yêu new addtion lớn Kylie"s family

Fans loved Kylie"s adorable new pet, with superfan Johnny Cyrus writing: "Omg this makes me want to get another one. I miss when Farrah was a puppy!"

Another bạn who loved the new pup wrote: "I would die for Kevin," & another added: "Awww, Kevin makes me happy."

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And the official Minions trương mục praised the name ofthe dog, teasing: "Kevin, huh?" with a winking face emoji.


Kylie affectionately refers to lớn the pup as her "son"

Kevin joins Kylie"s long menu of adorable animal sidekicks, includingher other dogs Norman, Bambi, Sophia, Odie, Ernie, Penny Harlie and Rosie. Kylie also has a pet rabbit, named Bruce, và a flochồng of chickens.

Alongside animals, Kylie"s other big love sầu is her three-year-old daughter, Storngươi. For the tot"s recent birthday, Kylie had to change her original plans of recreating StormiWorld, but she still made the event special for her daughter!

The pared-down tiệc ngọt featured an inflatable slide with a Model of Stormi"s head at the top, & a show-stopping birthday cake modelled lượt thích a princess tower, alongside an ice cream stvà.

Paying tribute to her daughter, the doting mother wrote: "Thank you God for sending this little soul khổng lồ me. Crying today because I can"t stop the time. It"s all the little things I"ll miss like your dễ thương voice & our long talks on the potty.

"Watching you experience everything for the very first time has been the best part of these last few years but on the other side I"m excited to watch you grow inkhổng lồ the most special girl I know you will be & all the amazing things I know you will vì."

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