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Update: In an exclusive interview with Refinery29, the founders of Seed Beauty confirm that Kylie Cosmetics is a sister company of ColourPop. Therefore, ColourPop does make Kylie's Lip Kits. You can see the full interview on their site.

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A few weeks ago, Stephanie Nicole, a YouTube vlogger, decided lớn post a video review of Kylie Jenner’s Lip Kit for the second time, due lớn a change in the formula, but she ended up revealing some pretty shocking information.

In her video clip titled “Take Two reviews | Kylie Jenner's Lip Kit (Candy K)”, Stephanie reveals that Kylie’s new Lip Kit formula is nearly identical to lớn that of ColourPop’s Ultra Matte Liquid Lipsticks. At first, Kylie’s formula was a bit drying, as any matte lipstick usually is, but she decided to create a new và improved moisturizing formula for the comfort of her fans.

Because Kylie’s Lip Kits are usually compared to lớn ColourPop’s Ultra Matte Liquid Lipsticks, Stephanie decided to lớn investigate what really goes into both products. After finding the ingredients lists for both liquid lipsticks, Stephanie found a lot of similarities.

Stephanie also provided her followers with a color-coded key khổng lồ break down what’s identical about the two formulas.

Everything highlighted above sầu in yellow includes the same ingredients & same order in the formula. Blue highlight indicates the same ingredients, but a different order in the formula. Lastly, purple highlight indicates which pigments are the same but in a different order, because pigments are not required to be in order. As the photo lớn shows, both Kylie’s and ColourPop’s formulas are almost identical.

Late last year, Kylie made a point khổng lồ pose with the owners of ColourPop in an Instagram pholớn, claiming that while she loves their products, they don’t have sầu the same formula or exact colors. However, this photo lớn is from the kết thúc of 2015.

The reason for Stephanie’s breakdown is the difference in price points between the two products. Kylie’s Lip Kit includes a matching lip liner và costs $29, while ColourPop’s Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstiông xã costs $6, & khổng lồ buy a matching lip liner it's an additional $5. While this may sound confusing, Stephanie also gave viewers a breakdown of prices, including taxes và shipping.

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When it’s all said & done, ColourPop’s liquid lipstiông chồng and lip liner will cost you a total of $16.32, and Kylie’s Lip Kit is a total of $40.13. Stephanie does credit Kylie’s Lip Kits as one of the best liquid lipsticks because of their long-lasting formula, but admits that the cost is the problem. “I’m just trying to show you guys how frivolous it is lớn spend your money on the exact same thing you could get elsewhere cheaper,” she says.

BuzzFeed did an even deeper investigation of the connection between the two brands. Makeup manufacturer Seed Beauty has both ColourPop và Kylie Cosmetics listed as part of their brands. Seed Beauty is based in Oxnard, California which is where the Kylie Cosmetics factory is also located, & where her products ship from.

The connection goes even deeper between the two brands because Seed Beauty is owned by Laura và John Nelson. Laura & John Nelson are also the founders of ColourPop Cosmetics. This has to lớn be the most interesting beauty saga of all time.

So far there is no word from either Kylie’s or ColourPop’s camps on the matter. You can watch Stephanie Nicole's Clip comparing the two products below.

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