Women's skinny jeans

Skinny Jeans & 9 Other Styles That Date You

All the outmoded things you should purge from your wardrobe—plus, some updated men’s và women’s spring styles to take their place


JURASSIC JEANS While this velociraptor may have looked current in his day, skinny jeans are now as extinct as he is. Straight-leg và even flared styles will telegraph that you’ve sầu got your finger on the 2021 style pulse. Photo: Rene Milot
LAST MONTH, I discovered I was unfashionably out of date. I was headed lớn a socially distanced lunch in Thủ đô New York when a glimpse at my reflection in a store window made me cringe: My leggings were paired with no-longer-trendy “ugly” sneakers. A puffer jacket, worn lớn stay cozy while dining in a curbside hut, planted me solidly in 2017, the year I bought the voluminous chubby at H&M .

After a year when serious concerns took precedence, there’s no shame in being blissfully stuchồng in a bygone era. But as we emerge from our Zoom cocoons, the time is ripe for reassessing our fashion choices & stepping up our wardrobes for a post-pandemic era—within reason, of course. “Seven-inch stilettos don’t line up with what we’re going through right now,” said Thành Phố New York fashion-brand consultant Dani Stahl. And don’t let beautiful celebrities be your sole style guides—they can make almost anything look fabulous.

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“What looks dated on one person is supercool on another,” she said. “If Bella Hadid puts on tight jeans, it’s current, but elsewhere can look off.” That means they’ll be “off” on me, I think, & many, many others.

What makes an outfit outdated? Recognizable fads—lượt thích message-print T-shirts or early aughts-era no-show socks—are outfit poison, và fallbacks like chinos & shapeless cardigans are cringeworthy relics. A garment’s cut, too, can read “outmoded.” “You don’t want khổng lồ look like you’re in a jacket from 30 years ago, so updated fits come into play,” said Paul Stuart creative director Ralph Auriemma. He suggested tailored sportswear for a sleeker, modern fit.

As we plan our re-entry outfits, comfort remains a factor, said Tracy Margolies, Saks Fifth Avenue’s chief merchant, “but people want to lớn be stylish.” That’s why stifling skinny jeans, for instance, bow to straight-leg options và roomy denyên ổn joggers. Below, 10 men’s và women’s styles that will subtly date you—& advice on how to lớn bring your wardrobe bachồng khổng lồ life.

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Demurely Bucolic Dresses

Why They’re Out: In my college years, I called dresses from the commercially quaint British brvà Laura Ashley “Heidis,” named for the classic children’s book by Johanna Spyri about an orphan growing up in the Swiss Alps. Today’s frilly, floral dresses—described by many as “cottagecore”—nod to lớn Laura Ashley’s 1980s Liberty-print frocks và conjure a campy frivolity at odds with our 2021 selves. “Cottagecore sounds lượt thích a house muumuu…it’s very dated,” said Ms. Stahl, the fashion-brvà consultant.

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