Tea tree secret spot patch by skinfood

What the brand says: Hydrocolloid patches infused with tea tree extract và salicylic acid help heal pimples faster và with minimal scarring. Use on cleansed và dried skin. Remove sầu when patch turns trắng, which indicates that excess sebum has been drained.

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Packaging: The patches are transparent and come like stickers stuông chồng on a plastic paper enclosed in a matte plastic packet. The packet is very lightweight và tiny & can be carried around.

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How I use và after-effects: My skin has been acting very weird recently! I am breaking out more than usual maybe because I am trying out a lot of products or doing a lot of makeup & not cleansing it off properly. This was the right time khổng lồ give this hàng hóa a try! To use, simply cleanse your skin thoroughly và pat dry; apply the patch on your pimple and keep it for a minimum of 8 hours for it lớn work properly & effectively. I did so and here are the results- After 8 hours, the pimple looked even more inflamed but I thought its just the reaction; I used the patch overnight too the same day.

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The next day, as I removed the patch, the pimple drained off on its own! Pimple draining off without you having khổng lồ burst it prevents scarring so I am positive sầu in that part, and that’s what the br& claims. I again used the patch the entire day & night & this was done for continuous 3 days (pictures clicked after each day). The pimple clearly went flat on the third day & is all dried up now! The only negative part would be that you would want to lớn buy several such packets if you have acne all over! This sản phẩm is useful if you have an emergency và want khổng lồ get rid of the pimple ASAP! This was the case with an inflamed full grown pimple, smaller blemishes might heal in a day.


Travel friendlyInexpensiveEasy lớn useHeals pimples in a day or twoNo side effects


Results aren’t instant or miraculous, but the patch does the job wellNot readily available in IndiaYou need lớn buy several packets if you have severe acne

PRICE: INR 206/- for 12 patches

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