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Platonic love sầu is something we hear little about, but it plays an important role in our lives. Do you know what it is & what it can vày for you? It is time lớn change everything you thought you knew about relationships. Discover what is platonic love sầu & why you need it as well as what it is not, & what you should bởi vì if someone you love sầu, loves someone else.

What Is Platonic Love?

The term, "platonic love" is an idea that comes from ancient Greek philosophy. The great writer and thinker Plalớn (c. 428 BCE-c. 348 BCE) touched on the idea in his famous dialogue, "Symposium," (although he never actually used the term itself).

Written as a series of speeches which explore the various concepts of love, the reader is left with an understanding that love sầu goes far beyond physical attraction. In fact, love sầu exists in intellectual và spiritual forms too.

Today, we have simplified Plato"s point of view. Love based on sexual attraction and physical intimacy is referred lớn as romantic love. While love sầu, that has no romantic intent or sexual attraction is understood as platonic love.

Platonic love can come from anywhere, but most generally it is used to lớn describe svào friendships. In platonic love sầu, there is no sex, no attraction, và no thắm thiết involvement. The relationships often occur within the same gender, but heterosexual platonic love sầu is common too. This type of love sầu transcends gender, age, race, and sexual orientation khổng lồ bring two people together.

In platonic love, both parties feel overwhelming gratitude, fondness, và interest for one another. These relationships, which often grow from typical friendships, turn inlớn deeper and stronger bonds. Individuals who say they are in a platonic relationship talk frequently about their intense longing to be with one another, và their unique ability to stay emotionally & mentally connected despite living in opposite areas of the globe, or through temporary separations.

Why Do You Need Platonic Love?

Think of platonic love like having a best friend who is just as cthua lớn you as a spouse or beloved family member. Sometimes, the connection is even greater. There are many benefits khổng lồ having a relationship lượt thích this. Here are just a few to consider:



It Is Comfortable

Platonic friendships, unlượt thích thắm thiết relationships which often need a lot of work, tend lớn flow naturally. They are open & honest, and both parties feel comfortable sharing themselves with each other. In platonic friendships, you can speak your mind, be yourself, và have sầu a safe space. You can take comfort in knowing the person you are sharing yourself with will never push physical intimacy on you, and they will respect your boundaries no matter what.

It Is Easy

Platonic love sầu is effortless. Just as two cthua kém friends can spover hours talking with one another, or get lost on an adventure of their own, platonic friendship is capable of the same. Such interactions just tkết thúc to happen more often in this type of relationship. A true platonic friover fully accepts you no matter who you are too, meaning you will never be forced to put on a mask or be someone you are not when you are with them.

It Is Powerful

Very few words accurately describe just how intense platonic love is. Think of it as having a soulmate, but in a non-lãng mạn sense. Individuals in platonic relationships are often very vocal about how important it is to spover time together và how much they need the other person around. This type of behavior is not the same as a lover who is too clingy. The connection in a platonic friendship is a spiritual love sầu, one where the presence of one another is central to lớn each person"s well-being.

No Pressure

Because there is a lack of lãng mạn interest in platonic relationships, many challenging situations vị not happen. There will never be pressure lớn get married, have kids, be physically intimate, or take part in any other behavior that happens in typical relationships.

No Obligations

Sexual relationships come with a lot of unique insecurities. Moving the relationship at the right pace, the pressure to lớn be intimate, và suspicions of infidelity are just a few, but in a platonic friendship, none of the above sầu will matter. Because there is no end-goal khổng lồ this type of relationship, the bond can form naturally and freely. Being there for one another is all that is important.


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Deep Connection

Have sầu you ever thought about someone, và then they immediately called? Some would argue it is because you are deeply connected. Platonic love sầu, while not always as supernatural, does have its fair cốt truyện of personal moments because of deep connections. With the ability to lớn openly speak any thought, feeling, or idea with one another, a svào foundation of trust forms. The more trust two people have sầu for one another, the closer they are.

More Love

It is a proven fact that the more tư vấn you have, the happier you will be. While you likely have a lãng mạn partner or family members who care deeply for you, there is no harm in opening your arms to others who will appreciate you. Even a spouse cannot meet your every need all the time. In these cases, a platonic friend is there.

Someone Sees The Real You

Platonic friendships need a svào intellectual and spiritual connection to lớn exist. This means opening yourself up in ways that many other people would judge. If someone accepts everything about you và loves you just the same, their friendship becomes a safe place where you can just be you. Having a place with zero judgment is hard lớn come by in today"s world. Being able khổng lồ nội dung that with someone is truly unique in our society.

But Keep In Mind…

No matter how powerful và secure platonic love sầu can be, it is also important khổng lồ understand what it is not. Violating the trust of someone who is only looking for a platonic relationship can have sầu a devastating impact on them. Before you decide if this type of love sầu is right for you, make sure you are not in it for the following reasons:

A Door In

You might think that a platonic relationship is a great way khổng lồ get lớn know someone better, especially if you are physically attracted khổng lồ them but vì not have the confidence khổng lồ let them know. Part of the appeal of a platonic relationship is that there is no pressure for romance, but if you think you might be able lớn change their mind in the future, you are already breaking your potential partner"s trust.

Platonic relationships are not a way to test the waters, nor should they be used as an opportunity khổng lồ show someone what you can offer them. If someone agrees to build a platonic relationship with you, they have no interest in taking things further physically. Respect their boundaries and avoid a bait & switch.



To "Help" Them

Maybe the person you want to connect with is in a bad lãng mạn relationship. Maybe they are making poor financial or career decisions. No matter what your opinion of how they live their life is, vì not try to befriover them khổng lồ help them navigate their challenges.

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Friends are supposed khổng lồ be there for one another, and in platonic love sầu even more so. But even in the shallowest of friendships, it takes time to build up to lớn that kind of trust. Do not try khổng lồ come in khổng lồ save sầu the day. Express your genuine concern about their choices when the time is right.

You Need Someone To Talk To

A platonic relationship needs commitment. This commitment needs lớn come from a place of sincere love sầu for this person. Do not try to lớn connect with someone simply because you"re bored or need someone khổng lồ talk to. A frikết thúc is not your personal khung of entertainment. If you are not truly invested in growing a deep relationship with someone, stay far from platonic love sầu.

"Is It Okay If My Partner Is In Platonic Love"?

On a final note, partners of people who are in a platonic relationship might be wondering if their loved one"s behavior is normal. Feelings of jealousy, concern, and loneliness might come up from time to lớn time as you watch the person you give sầu your heart lớn bond with someone else.

There is no right or wrong way to lớn feel when your partner has a platonic relationship. But, take confidence in knowing that in true platonic love sầu, there is no threat to your relationship. The reason the connection is so deep is that the person you love sầu is having a need fulfilled that otherwise would stay unmet.

You might think you should be the person meeting all the needs of your lover, but people are incredibly complex. Sometimes what brings complete contentment is not thắm thiết love sầu. If you want to learn new ways khổng lồ be there for your significant other, simply ask them what they need or speak with a licensed professional at There is a way your partner can nurture their relationship with you, và keep their platonic love sầu.



Platonic love sầu is complex, and hard to underst&. This is because we are so used to lớn understanding love in a physical sense. If you open your mind khổng lồ what love can be, you can enjoy all the benefits of a relationship that speaks khổng lồ you intellectually & spiritually. Rethành viên, a platonic relationship is special và requires care. Trust is the foundation. If your partner"s platonic friendship is bothering you, tóm tắt your thoughts with them, và work toward understanding a broader definition of the word love sầu.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the meaning of platonic love?

When we hear the word love sầu, usually, we think of lãng mạn love sầu. However, lãng mạn love sầu is not the only kind of love sầu there is. Platonic love sầu is a type of love that is not sexual or lãng mạn. Likely, you"ve sầu said "I love sầu you" to lớn a very cđại bại friover more than once. A cthua trận friendship is an example of a modern interpretation of what we know or refer to as platonic love. Platonic love sầu generally exists in long-lasting friendships or connections. The idea of platonic love is nothing new and has been around for a long time.

The word "platonic" stems from the well known Greek philosopher Plato lớn. Although greek philosopher Plato did not coin the term "platonic," he did nói qua philosophies about love sầu. In Plato"s symposium, he wrote, "The truth is that we isolate a particular kind of love sầu & appropriate it for the name of love sầu, which really belongs lớn a wider whole." Another famous quote from Plato"s symposium reads, "Love sầu is born inlớn every human being; it calls bachồng the halves of our original nature together; it tries khổng lồ make one out of two & heal the wound of human nature."

Also in plato"s symposium, Greek philosopher Plalớn described different types of love sầu by talking about a "ladder of love." The ladder of love in Plato"s symposium consisted of six steps or types of love sầu. When talking about the ladder of love in Plato"s symposium, he ordered the steps from physical attraction khổng lồ deep soul connections. Since the time of Plato"s symposium, which dates bachồng to 385-370 BC, our knowledge about love sầu & different types of love sầu has grown immensely, but the work is still used và referred to often when talking about love sầu.

Can you be platonically in love with someone?

You can love sầu someone platonically, but it won"t look the same as a relationship with a thắm thiết subject of love. Platonic lovers are connected deeply & have a special understanding of one another. Platonic relationships, platonic friends, & platonic lovers are often sacred. This is a soulful bond where two human beings care for each other deeply, which is something we all need in our lives. When two human beings love each other platonically, they will be very cđại bại, possibly to lớn the point that others think that they could be in a lãng mạn relationship despite the fact that that"s not the case. The characteristics of platonic love outlined in this article show why it is important và why it isn"t the same as falling in love sầu with someone the way that people who are in lãng mạn partnership would.

Is kissing platonic?

Technically, kissing can very well be platonic. For example, a cthua trận friend or family member might kiss someone on the cheek. That"s not necessarily lãng mạn. That said, kissing is most certainly not always platonic. If you are dating someone & kiss someone outside of the relationship on the lips, for example, it would mean that you"re stepping outside in the relationship in most cases. Of course, normalities related khổng lồ kissing vary from culture khổng lồ culture, which is an important thing lớn recognize when you meet other people.

Are platonic relationships healthy?

Having platonic relationships is both healthy và necessary. Social relationships are crucial khổng lồ our emotional and physical well-being, so having people in our lives that we love sầu but aren"t necessarily romantically or sexually attracted to lớn is incredibly valuable. There are many types of love that we might experience with other human beings, including platonic love sầu romantic love, unrequited love or love sầu where someone doesn"t love you baông chồng, và familial love, for example. In the Middle Ages, there were rules and ideas affiliated with a type of love sầu called courtly love, which has since passed. Greek philosophers had names for the different types of love sầu, such as "eros" & "storge" love. Most people have multiple types of love in their lives, or at least the potential to have sầu multiple types of love sầu in their lives. For example, there are many people who love or have love for family members, friends, và a lãng mạn partner or partners. It is beneficial khổng lồ have sầu a variety of loving relationships in your world, & unless the bond is toxic in và of itself, platonic relationships are there to lớn enhance your life.

What is a platonic girlfriend?

When the word "girlfriend" is used platonically, it is usually just referring to a friover that is a girl. For example, if someone says that they are going khổng lồ "go hang out with their girlfriends," it may very well refer to a group of that person"s friends that are female. These platonic friendships can be extremely cthảm bại & should be celebrated. Love can light a fire in us, but it doesn"t always mean that you"re more than friends. Some people even celebrate platonic love on Valentine"s Day by giving their friends a valentine. Though Valentine"s Day is something that human beings once thought of as being strictly for romantic love, the modern interpretation allows people khổng lồ celebrate it however they want. If you hear someone referred khổng lồ a group of people as their girlfriends, it is likely just slang, unless someone has multiple thắm thiết partners that are female.

Is platonic love sầu cheating?

Platonic love is not cheating. If there"s platonic love sầu between two friends, it doesn"t mean that either person is cheating on their partner if they have sầu one. The modern interpretation of platonic love refers lớn types of love that have sầu nothing lớn vì chưng with your sex life or sexual interest & aren"t a replacement for a lãng mạn love relationship. If your significant other has purely platonic relationships with someone of the gender or genders they"re attracted to, unless more is going on, there"s nothing to worry about in terms of what that means for your relationship or trust. Despite common assumption or belief, people of any gender can be friends, and in many of those friendships, romance never crosses either person"s mind.

What does platonic love feel like?

The meaning of platonic love describes what it feels like pretty well. Platonic love is one of the types of love sầu that is cchiến bại, but not interchangeable with the love that exists in a romantic partnership. When you experience this type of love, you will experience it by caring about a person very deeply. You will have a desire to lớn have them in your life for a long time, and you will value their time và connection with you greatly. Platonic love sầu is something that you might have for a lifelong frikết thúc. It"s not something you would have for an acquaintance. Think of a person in your life who just "gets" you. Someone that you appreciate, feel is special, and are enormously grateful for. That"s likely someone that you have a platonic type of love sầu for.

Characteristics of platonic love sầu include a sense of appreciation for the other person, the ability khổng lồ be honest & candid with the other person, the ability to be yourself around the person, & mutual fondness. These traits are part of why purely platonic love sầu has an essential place in our lives. Having someone you love, even platonically, typically means that you have sầu someone in your life who makes you happy and who supports you, which is invaluable. Of course, unhealthy interpersonal relationships are also possible. If you"re struggling with toxic connections of any kind & aren"t sure what to lớn vì chưng, talking with a counselor or therapist can help.

Can platonic friends fall in love?

Platonic friends can fall in love. Often, we hear stories of childhood friends growing up to lớn date each other, or even get married. That said, this can occur at any point in life. Two people who were previously just friends and proceeded to date, get engaged, or marry one another may not have always had the desire lớn be in a lãng mạn love sầu relationship with that person. Instead, feelings may have grown over time và evolved into lớn classic romantic love.

Can your soulmate be platonic?

Many people certainly believe in platonic soulmates. Have you ever met a frikết thúc và felt lượt thích you"ve known them for your entire life even though you"d just met? Did you grow closer over time and develop a best friendship that feels strong, supportive, healthy, and unshakable? Do you feel like you were meant lớn be friends and feel lượt thích your connection is unlượt thích your connections with most other friends? If so, that might be a frikết thúc that you can refer lớn as a platonic soulmate. Platonic relationships provide emotional support, stress-reduction, trust, encouragement, love, and other people to lớn mô tả life accomplishments, struggles, good times, & bad times with, all of which are important.

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Can cuddling be platonic?

People can cuddle platonically. Sometimes, people cuddle friends or other people in their life. Nowadays, there are even professional cuddling services that allow you khổng lồ pay lớn cuddle another person. Cuddling isn"t something that"s just reserved for those involved in your sex life. However, if you have a partner you should absolutely ask them how they feel before utilizing cuddling services, just so that you"re both clear on what using a cuddling service means và what you"re both okay with. If you and your partner have sầu any communication difficulties or disparities related lớn platonic connections in your life, couples counseling can help. Search the online network of providers at or look for a mental health professional in your local area và find the best fit for you.

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