Reeling back the years

French fashion house Balmain was founded by Pierre Balmain, who released his first collection in 1945 & his first fragrance, Vent Vert, in 1947.

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Style featured heavily in his family life, his owned a drapery business và his sister and ran a fashion boutique.

Originally studying architecture, Pierre found he spent most of his time designing dresses, và so he left school and began work for British designer Edward Molyneux.


Pierre Balmain discussing his designs

 During the 1930s, he spent time in the French army and air force.

When peace was declared, he began work for designer Lucien Legong và it was vinaanh.come he met Christian Dior, who would go on to have sầu a huge influence on his career.

His early designs were lavish & luxurious, in strict contrast to the modest styles worn during wartime.

Balmain believed that true style meant timeless classic pieces.

He avoided fussy decorative sầu designs, instead sticking khổng lồ simple lines and impeccable attention khổng lồ detail.

This thiết kế talent can be credited with creating what his cđại bại personal friover, author Gertrude Stein, called the “New French Style”.


Gertrude was an immaculately poised and well-dressed woman, embodied in his 1949 fragrance Jolie Madame.

As well as creating chic day suits that were perfectly tailored, Balmain also created stunning evening wear & he made the stole popular for day wear as well as night.

Balmain created tailored pieces in luxurious fabrics

1982 was the year Pierre Balmain passed away & designer Erik Mortensen took over his role.

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Mortensen had joined the house in 1951, working closely with Pierre.

He had often been described as his right-hvà man & worked khổng lồ maintain the brand’s reputation as a haute couture haven while also forging new creative sầu links.

He left the house in 1990 và designer vinaanh.comvé Pierre took over until 1992 working as director of ready-to-wear và haute couture.

Oscar de la Renta took the helm in 1993, & had a huge impact on the luxury fashion house.

Osoto de la Renta was creative sầu director at Balmain for nearly ten years

Joining at a time when couture was flailing slightly, due in part to lớn its concept as an unrealistic industry, he was creative sầu director at Balmain until 2002.

By catering to a private clientele, much like founder Pierre, haute couture was slowly brought back khổng lồ life. Decarnin was next khổng lồ take over the label & he sought to lớn completely overhaul the Balmain aesthetic.

He favoured flashy clothes, which were completely at odds with the history of the brand. By focusing on eveningwear, his sparkling, power shouldered và svào designs provoked a craze christened "Balmania".

In April 2011, Oliver Rousteing joined the house in 2009 with an ayên khổng lồ ingratiate the finer aspects of French culture inlớn the Balmain brand.

Some of Rousteing"s designs for Balmain

Rousteing can be credited with modernising the br&.

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As Asia comprises a large majority of the brand’s market, Rousteing hopes khổng lồ exert an Asian influence over the brand’s clothing.

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