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Married Alma spends a fateful weekend away from home that ignites passion, ends in tragedy & leads her lớn question the truth about those cthua to lớn her.

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Starring Maite Perroni (" juego de las llaves", Alejandro Speitzer (" Club", Erik Hayser ("" và Jorge Poza (""
Season 1 Trailer: Dark Desire
Season 1 Extended Preview: Dark Desire
Married Alma spends a fateful weekend away from trang chính that ignites passion, ends in tragedy & leads her lớn question the truth about those cthua trận khổng lồ her.

A law professor overhears her husbvà in a suspicious phone conversation, and later visits her recently divorced friover, who drags her khổng lồ a nightclub.

Alma tries khổng lồ phối boundaries with Darío, & later walks in on a scene that supports her suspicions about Leonardo. Zoe questions her sexual identity.

When forensic evidence suggests Brendomain authority had just met with a lover, the police focus their efforts on identifying hyên. Darío gets Alma to open up to lớn hlặng.

Alma reveals her lover's name to Esteban, who pays hyên a visit. Darío finds an upsetting pholớn in his mom's room. Zoe tries to figure out who Animus is.

At the hotel, Darío spies on the anniversary celebration. Esteban digs deeper into lớn Daríos's background và finds a connection to an old murder case.

Esteban shows Alma a case file. Zoe follows a GPS signal in hopes of finding Animus. Security video clip footage reveals the last person who visited Brendomain authority.

Flashbacks reveal the start of Lucinda's illness. To thử nghiệm a theory Esteban has, Alma follows his instructions and asks Darío to lớn meet her at a motel.

Alma has second thoughts about leading Darío into Esteban's trap và starts to panic. Meanwhile, Leonardo begins lớn suspect his wife is cheating on hyên.

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Leonarvị orders an exhumation. A flashback reveals the rest that transpired between Esteban and Darío. Zoe receives a surprise visitor at school.

Zoe is taken on a mysterious outing. A clue at Darío's siêu thị leads Alma to lớn a horrifying realization. Esteban's Reviews of the security videos pays off.

Evidence found at the picnic site spurs Leonardo khổng lồ hunt down Darío. Later, after begging Alma not to lớn air their dirty laundry, he suffers a breakdown.

Esteban asks Vallejo lớn steal police evidence. Leonarbởi makes an admission lớn his brother, and recalls his final meeting with Brenda at her trang chủ.

A gruesome find is made. Esteban gets hold of Leonardo's phone records và shows them to lớn Alma. Zoe detects Animus's phone signal and zeros in on it.

The police apprehover a suspect carrying the evidence bag from Brenda's case. Alma demands answers from Darío. Leonardo's medical chạy thử results come baông xã.

Lucindomain authority insists she's owed money. García đánh giá the security videos và gets suspicious. Leonarvị reveals what happened the last time he saw Brendomain authority.

The man who stole the evidence related lớn Brenda's case tells García who hired him. Darío remembers where Esteban held hlặng captive & returns there.

Zoe makes a confession to lớn her mom. On the run, Leonardo calls Esteban for help. García obtains an audio recording from the last phone Gọi Brendomain authority made.

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An unexpected encounter answers Alma's lingering questions about the past weeks. García receives forensic results from the textile factory explosion.

Maite PerroniErik HayserAlejandro SpeitzerMaría Fernanda YepesJorge PozaRegina PavónPaulimãng cầu MatosLeticia HuijaraClaudia PinedaEsteban SoberanesClaudia RíosSamantha OrozcoFabián MerloEligio MeléndezCarmen BeatoCarlos TorresToño Valdés

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