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It was a month after thành phố Hunter dropped its final episode, in August 2011, when the main leads, Lee Min-ho & Park Min-young, confirmed their dating rumours. However, after five months, the couple broke up. Read below khổng lồ know all about their real-life romance and eventual breakup.

Inside thành phố Hunter's Lee Min Ho & Park Min Young's real life five month romance and what led to lớn their breakup

It was in 2011 when popular K-drama stars Lee Min-ho and Park Min-young were paired opposite each other in the thrilling series, City Hunter.

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During interviews, to promote their show, Min-young would always be all praises for Min-ho. "Five years is a long time. Lee Minho và I have both developed và improved as actors in that time frame. I see new sides of him that I couldn"t see before," Min-young had shared at SBS Broadcasting Center, via Allkpop.

Given their organic onscreen chemistry, the dating rumours went rampant to another level. Surprisingly, the pair confirmed the romance speculations, a month after City Hunter released its final episode, in August 2011. It was August 22, to be specific, when Min-ho và Min-young"s agencies confirmed that the couple was in fact dating. "When the two were together, their interest for one another could be felt. They are going towards the step of getting to lớn know each other," Min-ho"s agency Starhaus Entertainment said in a statement to Dispatch. On the other hand, Min-young"s agency, King Kong Entertainment said in their statement, "When the two appeared in the drama together, they were quite in tune with one another. It seems that they"ve developed feelings for each other during the filming & after filming concluded."

However, on January 25, 2012, came the official confirmation that the couple had broken up after just five months of dating. Min-young"s agency issued a statement regarding the breakup sharing that the two hadn"t met for a while và that the actress did not want lớn directly reveal that they have broken up as it was embarrassing and she also had khổng lồ consider the agency"s position. Moreover, giving more insight into the breakup, the agency confessed that the pair became strangers before the 2011 Acting Awards & that"s the reason why they attended two different award ceremonies - Min-Young went khổng lồ the KBS Acting Awards và Min-ho went khổng lồ the SBS Acting Awards. Min-ho và Min-young were nominated for Best Couple at the SBS Awards for City Hunter but lost khổng lồ Ji Sung and Cho Kang-hee, who won for Protect The Boss.

The agency also disclosed the reason for their breakup. On one hand, Min-young had to film for Man of Honor & did not have time to rest for a while. On the other hand, Min-ho was very busy as he had to film his advertisements & his overseas activities. Hence, the two could not meet often because of their super busy schedules. However, Min-ho"s agency shared that at the time of the breakup news surfacing on the web, they were yet lớn confirm the breakup with the actor and if the split did in fact happen then he would have told them which The King: Eternal Monarch star hadn"t, until then. Eventually, the breakup turned out khổng lồ be very true.

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Another major reason for their breakup is speculated upon the constant media attention on their every move which made meeting each other extremely difficult và especially, not private. Even their tea or beer dates were viewed from a bird"s eye point of view by the paparazzi.

In April 2012, there were speculations that the ex-couple was planning on rekindling their romance but Min-young"s agency denied the rumours stating, "It is not true that she will get together with Lee Min-ho again. They are just friends who ask how the other is doing. From what we know, their inner circles are similar so they cannot kết thúc their liên hệ suddenly. Their houses are close together so that seems to be the source of these rumors."

In 2017, during an interview with The Star, when Min-young was asked if she was the kind of girlfriend who gave her all to relationships, Min-young hinted at her romance with Min-ho, admitting, "I used to lớn be lượt thích that in the past, but I"m a bit of a scaredy-cat these days. Now that I"m in my thirties, I feel pretty cautious và scared about being in love."

While Lee Min-ho moved on with Miss A"s Bae Suzy, who are currently back in the news again after their breakup, Min-young was rumoured khổng lồ be dating her What"s Wrong with Secretary Kim co-star, Park Seo-joon.

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Do you wish Lee Min-ho & Park Min-young would have worked things out and remained a couple? Let us know your views in the comments section below.


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