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Imagine haggling for shoes in Ho Chi Minc City, many of you will fantasize about bargaining a great giảm giá khuyến mãi in the famous Ben Thanh hao Market. What if I told you this isn’t the best place khổng lồ get a deal on good quality shoes? I wrote this article to give my readers a better insight on where lớn actually get unique shoes for a good price. I’ll help you dodge the majority of overpriced fakes peddled in the major tourist markets.

Using my expertise as a Vietnamese girl và a shoe fanatic, I’ll be showing you where I personally recommkết thúc buying shoes, how lớn inspect for chất lượng and where lớn strike a bargain on high-chất lượng shoes of all kinds. I’ll also discuss pricing so you can avoid overpaying when shopping for shoes in Saigon.

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What Should You Know Ho Chi Minch City Shoes Shopping?

The footwear market in Vietnam giới is huge and diverse. There are many factories in Vietnam and surrounding countries manufacturing Shoes for the rest of the world. Which means travelers worldwide frequently shop for shoes when traveling khổng lồ a big đô thị in South East Asia. These travellers salivate over the idea of a great pair of brvà name shoes for half the price. Here comes the truth…. You cannot find factory rejects in such big & iconic markets like the Ben Tkhô hanh Market. The truth is that most shoppers are being duped inlớn buying low quality fakes at a high price. Any well-known shoe brands you see in Ben Thanh khô Market và Saigon Square are fake.

Without these tips chances are you’re going to waste a huge amount of money in return for something that is about to tear apart within a couple of weeks, or even days. Don’t make the mistake of expecting high chất lượng at an incredibly cheap price anywhere that is known to cater khổng lồ only tourists.

Okay, so that was the hard truth that might deflate some dreams of bringing baông xã 12 pairs of legit Nike sneakers to lớn the US for $100. Not all is lost though! I’m gonna give you some great tips on looking for unique shoes in Ho Chi Minch City, even if you are shopping in iconic places lượt thích the Ben Thanh khô Market.

Useful Tips khổng lồ Identify Good-Quality Shoes

First, let’s discuss how to identify good-unique shoes that deserve sầu the amount of money you pay for them. Depending on which kind of shoes you’re getting specifically, the criteria may vary. Here are four crucial tips khổng lồ tell if a shoe is well-made or not.

If The Price Seems too Good khổng lồ Be True, It is

Who doesn’t love sầu a good deal? It’s such a rewarding feeling when you walk out of the store in a stunning pair of shoes after paying only a few bucks for them. That initial joy may turn sour after few weeks or even days. Your “victory” will soon break your heart as the heel is falling off or the leather is horribly scratched.

One big tip khổng lồ avoiding a scam when buying shoes are to look at the price tag. I’m not advising you to lớn buy something that costs a fortune but make sure you raise your eyebrow at a price that seems too good to be true.

In general, a good pair of shoes barely go for under $10 USD. Well-manufactured shoes cost a lot during the making process, from designing, using the right material, seaming, shipping & so on.

If you happen khổng lồ get an offer of $20 USD for a pair of brand name sneakers in Ben Thanh Market or Saigon Square, you’ll know what khổng lồ do!

The Tags Says it All

Checking the tags sewn on the tongue or side liner is another way to identify the unique of the cống phẩm you have in your hands. Pay attention to the phông, size, và colors of each digit & letter. Are they equally colored? Do they look even from letter lớn letter? How is it printed or sewn into the shoes?

If a tag is glued carelessly or blurred out, chances are those shoes are not gonmãng cầu last as long as you would want them to. An authentic, well-made shoe should present its form size on the inside or along the sole. If this is missing, I don’t recommkết thúc purchasing that shoe.

Check on the texture, color, & size


This may sound like a bizarre qualifier but premium shoes are barely covered with a flashy và flamboyant pigment. A chất lượng shoe will look natural & eye-pleasing khổng lồ customers. Poor-chất lượng shoes sometimes come in showy colors with fun or random stickers. These shoes are much more likely lớn become faded & blurred shortly after a little bit of wear và tear.


The seaming lines play a big role in telling if the shoes are worth it or not. If you spot out careless stitches that are rough & off-balance, the shoe is probably low-quality.

Don’t be afraid khổng lồ take a closer look at the shoe lớn try và check for its quality. These types of defects are meant to lớn be hidden và only discoverable lớn a suspicious and diligent customer.

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One of the most essential steps during the making of shoes is that the shoemakers will use their shoe own forms lớn produce a standard pair of shoes. These mechanical forms provide a shape similar khổng lồ a human foot. This step ensures people feel comfy and confident in their walk without feeling stiff và painful.

Knowing this clearly will help you identify poor-unique shoes as most of the fakes or low-chất lượng shoes look stiff, coarse, and they apparently don’t follow the structure of the human feet.

Take ‘Em for a Test Spin

Lastly, before you decide to lớn purchase, make sure you walk around and double check lớn see how comfy it makes you feel. Sometimes the low quality of a shoe isn’t evident until you put it to lớn use.

Shoes Markets in Ho Chi Minch City

Bargaining for shoes in local Markets, or anywhere else for that matter, brings a certain feeling for shopaholic travellers. The intensity of a bargain as you haggle to get a great giảm giá khuyến mãi but the seller isn’t budging, finally you walk away, but then wait! The dealer suddenly offers their “very best price”. In that treasured moment you feel lượt thích a champion ready to battle with every vendor in the market.

In this section, I’ll introduce the various markets where you may choose khổng lồ bởi your haggling battles. Each market will vary so you’ll have sầu to lớn underst& the market before you jump in & start shopping.

Ben Tkhô cứng Market

Ben Thanh Market is large. Spanning over 13,000 square meters with four different entry gates on each side. The footwear section is near the East Gate, which is written as “Cua Dong” in Vietnamese. You can easily navigate there by following Phan Chu Trinh street.

Ben Tkhô nóng market is overflowing with fake shoes of all various makes & models from Nike, Doc Martens, Puma, or any other brand you can think of. Keep a cool head, Use our tips about quality shoes to navigate khổng lồ a vendor offering a decent product. A pair of shoes here should cost around $7 USD to $15 USD depending on its quality.

That will not be the starting price though. This is a tourist market where this vendor has another customer 10 minutes later who will pay way more than a wise shopper lượt thích yourself will pay.

Address: Le Loi Street, Ben Tkhô hanh Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minch CityOpening hours: 7 AM – 7 PM

Saigon Square

Compared to lớn Ben Thanh Market, Saigon Square seems lớn be a better option for shopping regarding chất lượng & price. This is also a great place to lớn shop for those who don’t want khổng lồ haggle or bargain. All of the prices here are set and most vendors won’t bargain.

Saigon Square is trang chủ to a massive sầu collection of good-quality shoes made in Vietnam. Many native and Vietnamese from abroad lượt thích Saigon Square as their favorite market for shopping for this reason. Keep in mind that you should never expect khổng lồ find original br& shoes here at a bargain, because any famous brands you see here are fakes. The fakes here should be high quality, và the selling price for them will be much cheaper than what you are told at other famous markets in Ho Chi Minh City.

Addresses:81 Nam Ky Khoi Nghia Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City176 Hai Ba Trung Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minch CityOpening hours: 9 AM – 9 PM


An Dong Market

An Dong Market is one of the biggest wholesale markets in Saigon. This is an igiảm giá place if you are searching for a good shoe supplier to lớn export or purchase in big quantities for your own retail siêu thị. The shoes you’ll find here usually come from Guangzhou, Vương Quốc Nụ Cười, South Korea, Cambodia, or Vietnam giới. Due lớn such a huge selection of goods, the price range and quality here varies accordingly.

Address: Cong Truong An Dong, Ward 9, District 5, Ho Chi Minc CityOpening hours: 5:30 AM – 8 PM

Binch Tay Market

If Ben Tkhô cứng is the biggest retail market in Saigon, Binh Tay is the largest wholesale market. Most of the products here, including shoes are imported from Trung Quốc. They come in various models & types such as sneakers, sports shoes, sandals, flip flops & kids’ footwear.

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As a wholesale market, buying shoes in small quantity is difficult & more expensive sầu than purchasing wholesale. That’s why it’s easy to underst& that sometimes the sellers refuse to lớn sell when you want to lớn buy shoes in just a small quantity.

Since their goods are only for wholesales buyers. Not every siêu thị is the same, so depending on the vendor, they may or may not agree to sell shoes in small quantities.

Address: 57A Thap Muoi, Ward 2, District 6, Ho Chi Minc CityOpening hours: 6 AM – 7 PM

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