Nguyễn Lâm Thảo Tâm


Vietnam’s cinema scene is on the rise. And so are a host of emerging movie stars. Nguyen Lam Thao Tam is one. That’s thanks to her starring role in the hotly anticipated return of director Victor Vu with Mat Biec, based on the novel by Nguyen Nhat Anh.

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Đọc nội dung bài viết bằng Tiếng Việt

Nguyen Lam Thao Tam is still only 20 years old. She first gained fame thanks lớn her intelligence and not her acting talent. Her impressive IELTS scores và English proficiency (she achieved an 8.5 & won EF’s Challenge International Speech Competition at 16) earned her the nickname “IELTS Hot Girl” which, in turn, led lớn her hosting educational segments on shows lượt thích VTV7’s IELTS Face Off.

Clearly comfortable in front of audiences và in high-pressure situations, Thao Tam transferred those skills to lớn the big screen…even though this was her first film. “I started modelling in năm 2016 too. Four years on, I’ve sầu done a number of phokhổng lồ shoots. And I still consider myself to lớn be only a part-time actress, model, và MC,” Thao Tam explains humbly. “For me, my full-time ‘job’ is being a student!”

But, for now, she’s enjoying the ride that the film has taken her on. “What a blessing lớn be involved in the adaptation of what I see as one of the most important pieces of modern Vietnamese literature,” Nguyen Lam Thao Tam nods, “It’s been surreal!”

“I love to put on my headphones & create a state of urban calm.”

She credits her acting success khổng lồ committing fully to the role. “I really put my heart and soul into lớn that character,” the actress smiles. And for intense scenes like the one where her teacher Hong becomes outraged upon discovering her crush on Ngan, she listened khổng lồ melancholy playlists on loop “to lớn try to understand the characters’ emotions”.

“I love sầu to put on my headphones and create a state of urban calm. And I hope this playdanh mục helps lớn create that bubble of calm for your listeners too…” Nguyen Lam Thao Tam says about her ten-traông chồng guest phối, the latest in our series.

Nguyen Lam Thao Tam was nicknamed “IELTS Hot Girl” thanks to lớn her academic achievements long before her film debut.

What does music mean to lớn you?

Music shapes my lifestyle. And it’s my safe haven. I grew up surrounded by music — in the media; from people who entered và exited my life; from my own discoveries…

There are songs that fill me with the glow of nostalgia. They create this blanket of comfort whenever I need something familiar lớn cling on khổng lồ. And I’ve gone on endless searches of the far corners of the internet, just to lớn find the perfect tune. So, I guess, music has been both a challenge and a source of great assurance lớn me.

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What was your first meaningful experience of music?

I loved hearing my mom sing lullabies. I used to lớn babble along whenever she sang trọng. If she stopped, I would open my eyes suddenly…even though her purpose was to put me to lớn sleep. My favourite tuy vậy was “Mẹ yêu con” by Anh Thơ. I stil know the melody by heart & feel a sense of warmth whenever I think of it…

Music is Nguyen Lam Thao Tam’s “irreplaceable companion.”

How does music fit with your daily life?

My first thought is to lớn say it doesn’t play too big a role in my life nowadays. However, when I think about it, music informs everything I vì. My fondest memories all have sầu their own soundtrachồng. And I bond with my closest friends through the songs we giới thiệu. 

Music is a constant, whether listening lớn my favourite songs while doing the dishes or cleaning the house. It’s my irreplaceable companion. 

How have your listening habits evolved since you first started listening?

To be honest, I never paid much attention to what I was listening to lớn until recently. I would hear a song. Then I’d tải về it simply because it was catchy.

Then, gradually, I started lớn seek out music. I’ve sầu become pickier with songs that I’ve sầu downloaded and I think more deeply about why I lượt thích a certain song. I think that’s only fair lớn the artists & their music… 

What’s the most underrated genre of music? And the most overrated?

For the Vietnamese market, I would say the music from musicals is largely overlooked.

I used to love sầu Ngày Xửa Ngày Xưa plays & can still recite some of their songs until this day. But I haven’t seen a Viet musical in such a long time. I wish there were more chances for theatre & musicals khổng lồ shine through.

“Music is supposed khổng lồ make you laugh và feel good too.” — Nguyen Lam Thao Tam

What vì chưng you listen khổng lồ secretly when no one’s around?

I blast my music loud và proud whenever I can. So there’s no hiding here. But a sample of my (in)glorious past would be the K-pop of the late 2000s & early 2010s. I absolutely loved the Wonder Girls and still listen to them on repeat.

You have one traông xã to lớn make someone love sầu music. What do you play them?

I’d sing them the lines of some Vietnamese remixes of popular foreign songs. For example: “I love sầu it when you Điện thoại tư vấn me Senorita” becomes “Tôi mê thích bí quyết mà anh nói tôi là gái không chồng”. Music is supposed to lớn make you laugh and feel good too, and, for me, that’s as cđại bại as it gets khổng lồ both…

And which tuy nhiên would you play someone khổng lồ help them understvà who you are?

“I don’t know you” by The Marias hits closest lớn trang chính in terms of what I feel goes on in my head. From the music to the silky singing khổng lồ the attitude to the music đoạn Clip, aesthetically it all appeals to lớn me.

I’ve sầu texted Maria from the band lớn fawn over her. And I fully intover lớn vị a cover at some point in time. You’ll have sầu to wait to see how hard I rock along lớn the track!