Tiểu Sử Chuyên Gia Trang Điểm Nam French Bakery

Welcome to lớn Trung Nam French Bakery.

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Authentic recipes. Family traditions. Freshly baked goods everyday. Find your favorite treat in our wide-array of French breads, pâtisseries and Vietnamese staples.




táo bị cắn dở, apricot, blueberry, butter, chocolate, cinnamon, coconut, raisin, raspberry, & strawberry | $3.00

almond | $5.50




Banh Mi

House Sandwich on french baguette with mayo, pate, carrots, pork, cilantro, và jalapeno | $6.00

Deluxe Sandwich is our House Sandwich with extra fillings | $9.00

Coffee & Tea

Trung Nam Coffees (French Press with condensed milk) $5.00

Coffee | $2.50

Green tea & black tea | $2.00

Savor a slice of France...

with one of our delicious plain or filled croissants, including hãng apple, raspberry, cinnatháng, strawberry, almond, chocolate, coconut, raisin, blueberry & apricot. Or, perhaps try one of our popular Vietnamese sandwiches -- a favorite with many.

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Our valued customers are greeted with a warm smile & the sweet, delectable smell of freshly baked goods everyday. Come in và grab a treat -- you’re always welcome here.

In 1989...

Trung Nam French Bakery made St. Paul’s Frogtown neighborhood trang chính & opened its doors khổng lồ the community. Our mission: nói qua our love for baking. Using perfected recipes learned from a gentleman in France where our family once lived, we proudly present to you the very best fresh baked croissants & baguettes.