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Bonjour Viet phái mạnh is a music slideshow featuring stunning pictures of Vietnam by photographers Hoang Nhiem, Doan Duc Minh, Phan Hong Hai và others. I had a hard time selecting just one as an illustration. The tuy nhiên Bonjour Vietnam was written by Marc Lavoine và performed by Pham Quynh Anh. Liên kết -via Grow-A-Brain
Why is the whole tuy nhiên in french?I will translate a part of the song..." little feet that carried me since I was born..."The tuy vậy talk a lot about the physical description of Vietnamese peoples... I dont know if I should show this to my cousin ( His father is from Vietnam ) because it"s almost racist... And certainly cheesy.

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I guess since it"s performed by Pham Quynh Anh it"s not that much of a racist song but still... I dont think I would lượt thích if someone would sing a tuy nhiên about racial stereotype of my ethnicity.

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Wow !How can you say that this tuy vậy is racist ?? This is crazy ! Or maybe you didn"t understood the lyrics and what it"s talking about.This tuy nhiên was written by Marc Lavoine specially for Pham Quynh Anh, and it tells her story : the feelings of a young vietnamese who grew up outside of her country of birth because of the war. How could it be racist in any way ?
I don"t understand french, can someone translate the whole tuy nhiên for us? Thank you.The pictures, the music & the singer"s voice are so beautiful that I don"t know how lớn describe.Thanks again for the beautiful work.
Aramax > This tuy nhiên is ABSOLUTLY NOT RACIST :o ! I"m french & the lyrics don"t say that you seems to lớn think. The singer, Pham Quynh Anh, is a belgium vietnamian... !
For anyone to lớn say this tuy nhiên is racist or rubbish is khổng lồ show they are completely devoid of sentiment,compassion or artistic feeling. As told previously it is a song inspired by and dedicated to lớn a young girl who has never had the chance to lớn see her mother country và it pays hommage khổng lồ that.I salute Marc Lavoine and his beautiful protege Pham Quynh Anh .
It"s a nostalgic tuy vậy that has evidently touched a lot of hearts, including mine.Translation from me this name, strange & difficult khổng lồ pronounceThat I have carried since my birthTell me the old empire & the feature of my slanted eyesDescribing me better than what you dare not sayI only know you from the war imagesA Coppola movie, (and) the angry helicoptersSomeday, I will go there, someday lớn say hello khổng lồ your soulSomeday, I will go there, to lớn say hello to lớn you, VietnamTell me my color, my hair và my small feetThat I have carried since my birthTell me your house, your street, tell me this unknown entityThe floating markets & the wooden sampansI could only recognize my country from the war photosA Coppola movie, (and) the helicopters in angerSomeday, I will go there, someday lớn say hello khổng lồ your soulSomeday, I will go there, to say hello to you, VietnamThe temples & the stone-carved Buddha statues for my fathersThe stooping women in the rice fields for my mothersPraying in the light to see my brothers againTo cảm biến my soul, my roots, my land.Someday, I will go there, someday lớn say hello lớn your soulSomeday, I will go there, to say hello khổng lồ you, Vietnam (twice)
This song is awsome no one could sing it better than Quynh Anh, và she looks like she came from a decent family, well educated not lượt thích Nhu Loan or something
To my friends, all over the world.“Xin chào ?... Vi?t Nam!”Marc LavoineHoàng v?n quang quẻ d?ch theo l?i Anh và Pháp(L?i ti?ng Anh gồm ?ôi ch? khác b?n g?c b?ng ti?ng Pháp)Arizona, Aug 18, 2009Hãy mang đến ta bi?t v? cái brand name trúc tr?c?p ? theo ta t? thu? l?t lòngTa mu?n bi?t chuy?n ngàn x?a xa c?Ðôi m?t ta van v? t?n cùng l?iTa ch? th?y nh?ng ?nh hình chi?n tr?nTi?ng tr?c th?ng g?m rú, chuy?n vào phim*S? m?t ngày tr? v? ta xin h?aCh?m vào tay mãnh ??t th?t c?a ng??iTa s? ??n vào m?t ngày nào ?óS? c?t l?i “Xin chào ?... Vi?t Nam!”K? ta nghe, v? màu da mái tócVà sao chân ta nh? bé bỏng ???ng tr?nTa mu?n th?y t?ng c?n công ty ng? ph?Nh?ng thuy?n con, ch? n?i, r?c ánh vàngTa ch? bi?t l?i th? dài chi?n tr?nTi?ng tr?c th?ng g?m rú, chuy?n trong phimS? m?t ngày tr? v? ta xin h?aCh?m vào tay mãnh ??t th?t c?a ng??iTa s? ??n vào m?t ngày như thế nào ?óS? c?t l?i “Xin chào ?... Vi?t Nam!”Chào mi?u ??n, T??ng Ph?t, h? cho chaChào góp m? ru?ng ??ng xanh chén bát ngátL?i c?u nguy?n, xin tr? thành s? th?tÐ??c th?y ng??i, cây c?, c?i ngu?n taS? m?t ngày tr? v? ta xin h?aCh?m vào ng??i, m?nh ??t c?a h?n taTa s? ??n vào m?t ngày như thế nào ?óS? c?t l?i “Xin chào ?... Vi?t Nam!”S? m?t ngày b??c v? ta xin h?aCh?m vào ng??i, r?t cu?c, m?nh h?n taTa s? ??n vào m?t ngày làm sao ?óS? c?t l?i “Xin kính chào ?... Vi?t Nam!”“Vi?t nam ?i! Xin chào, xin xin chào ?!”M?t l?i chào, ti?ng m? ?? c?a ta!* vào l?i g?c, bao gồm nh?c ??n “a film by Cappola” (Un film de Coppola). Ðó đó là cu?n phim n?i ti?ng c?a M? “Apocalypse Now” (T?n Th? Bây Gi?) vì chưng ??o di?n Francis Ford Coppola, v?i các di?n viên n?i ti?ng Marlon Brando va Martin Sheen, ?o?t gi?i Cành C? xoàn Ði?n ?nh c?a Pháp. Phim kh?i con quay n?m 1976 vào r?ng r?m Philippines, l?y b?i c?nh chi?n tranh Vi?t phái mạnh trong th?i k? kh?c li?t cu?i th?p niên 1960’s. Cu?n phim ng?n m?t kinh phí kh?ng l?, ra m?t n?m 1979, nh?ng ?ã không sở hữu l?i l?i nhu?n kinh t?. Phim truy?n ???c vi?t d?a vào tác ph?m “Heart of Darkness” c?a Joseph Conrad. Câu chuy?n nói v? m?t viên ??i úy tình báo M? ?u?c c? ?i vào r?ng r?m lùng b?t gi?t m?t viên ??i tá M? đần d? ?ã ?ào nhi?m. Nh?ng c?nh sôi ??ng trong chi?n tranh vn nh? sản phẩm ?oàn tr?c th?ng g?m rú cùng bom l?a napalm cháy r?c tr?i ???c x? d?ng nhi?u h?n c?n thi?t mang đến c?t chuy?n, nh?ng c?ng ?ã tạo ?n t??ng m?nh v? chi?n tranh đất nước hình chữ s ??n nh?ng th? h? tr? xuất hiện sau ?ó. (Ph?ng theo Wikipedia Aug-2009)