Monsoon Festival 2015

BOND band will come to Vietnam for the first time to lớn perform at the Monsoon Music Festival 2015 (MMF 2015) in Hanoi on October 11.

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Bond (BOND) is an Australian/British string quartet that specialises in classical crossover & synthpop music. Bond has been described as the best-selling string quartet of all time, selling over 4 million records

All BOND members are outstanding students at renowned arts colleges và universities in Britain and Australia.

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The quartet currently consists of Tania Davis (first violin, formerly viola, from Sydney, Australia), Eos Chater (second violin, from Cardiff, Wales), Elspeth Hanson (Viola from Upper Basildon, England) and Gay-Yee Westerhoff (cello, from Hull, England). Hanson replaced original band thành viên Haylie Ecker (formerly first violin và from Perth, Australia), who left in 2008 lớn have a child.

All of them have cooperated with world’s renowned artists lượt thích Paul McCartney, Sting, Bryan Adams, Spice Girls & Leona Lewis.


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