Miss Universe Vietnam 2015 just happens khổng lồ be a professor.

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While researching the best universities in Vietphái nam for a coming article, we came upon a fun fact. One of the lecturers at the Saigon College of Arts, Culture, and Tourism & is none other Ptê mê Huong. For those unfamiliar, she was crowned Miss Vietphái nam năm ngoái and represented Vietphái mạnh in last year’s Miss Universe competition – the global counterpart of the renowned Miss USA competition that has produced household names like Nina Agdal and Olivia Jordan. It was previously owned by United States President elect Donald Trump.

She is also the first Vietnamese beauty pageant contestant in history to lớn command a massive global following. For this week’s lighthearted fun segment, we uncover five things about Miss Huong, who is an ardent philanthropist, teacher, as well as a symbol of the new, vibrant Vietnam.

1) She Was Exceptionally Good in English


One of the largest roadblocks for Vietnamese Miss Universe contestants in the past was the English barrier. Miss Vietnam 2015 broke that barrier with her exceptionally confident delivery. Given that body language & expression play a large part in complementing physical beauty in the Miss Universe competition, judges were impressed by Pđê mê Huong’s aggressively confident demeanor – something they noted was lacking in previous Vietnamese contestants.

2) She Was Born in Hai Phong


Pmê mẩn Huong was born in Hai Phong, Vietnam’s third most populous metropolis. The area, commonly known as the “City of Flame Flowers,” is a two hour drive sầu from the charming culture hub of Hanoi. It earned its name from its streets, which are often studded with flame flower trees. The đô thị is also known for its fiery spirit, as it is a hub for a large number of festivals throughout the year – the most popular one being the buffalo fights. Perhaps these things contributed lớn Miss Vietnam’s lively and active sầu lifestyle?

3) She Loves Sports

Miss Vietphái nam is a reflection of the rising love & practice of sports in Vietnam. She studied martial arts in high school, & was so athletic that she was able khổng lồ compete as the first runner-up in 2014’s Miss World Thể Thao – a beauty pageant in the framework of the Winter Olympics in Sobỏ ra, Russia. She says her love sầu for sports stems from her love sầu in challenging herself in new ways. She finds those challenges frequently in sports & music. In addition khổng lồ modeling & teaching, she has also worked as a professional dancer.

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4) She Studied Marketing at Hungary


Miss Huong went khổng lồ college in Hungary where she received her Bachelor of Arts in sale. That degree clearly paid off, as her self-kinh doanh skills landed her cthua thảm to lớn the top 15 in a Miss Universe competition that drew in contestants from 88 countries. Her wild success is another example of how strong sale skills can be incredibly powerful in a socially-networked age. She captured the heart of 90 million Vietnamese viewers và accumulated 462,000 followers on her Facebook tài khoản that was based in Las Vegas, Nevada.

5) She is the Largest Fan Favorite in Vietnamese History


Psay mê Huong was a consistent favorite throughout her time in Miss Universe. Missology, the world’s leading beauty pageant trang web, said ““Huong Psay đắm is a consistent favorite. Everytoàn thân is talking about her và everytoàn thân is putting her in their list.” Huong communicated with fans consistently & nailed English interviews. She earned praise from names as distinguished as Ines Ligron, a french fashion và beauty expert who has worked with celebrities around the globe. In being a Vietnamese woman commanding strong authority over the global beauty và cosmetic stage, she follows the likes of Michelle Phan.

6) She Doubles as a Supermã sản phẩm và Lecturer


Huong’s double life as a Mã Sản Phẩm and university lecturer puts her in the same league as Pietro Boselli, the mechanical engineering Ph.D who taught math and engineering at University College London while also dabbling as an Armani model. While Huong may not hail from academia, her experience as a global beauty & fashion ambassador for her country gives her invaluable experience in teaching the course material offered at the Saigon College of Arts, Culture, and Tourism.

 7) She’s A Class Act

Fans labeled her as “the most confident contender Vietphái nam has ever had at an international beauty pageant.” As a parting class act, she called on her legions of fans to support her best frikết thúc Clarissa Molimãng cầu, Miss Dominican Republican, when she was disqualified before reaching the top 15. She also spoke out when the Miss Universe năm ngoái winner was incorrectly announced by host Steve sầu Harvey – a gaffe that caused international commotion.