Memories Of The Alhambra

One of the highest rated Korean series in cable television history, Memories of the Alhambra (2018) is also Korea’s first augmented reality-gaming drama.

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Set in Spain và South Korea, the story follows a CEO & a hostel owner who get entangled in a series of mysterious incidents surrounding an augmented reality (AR) game.

The CEO, Yoo Jin-woo (Hyun Bin) travels lớn Granadomain authority, Spain to lớn meet the creator of a groundbreaking AR game about medieval battles, Jung Se-joo (Park Chan-yeol).

However, he discovered Se-joo is missing & meets his sister Jung Hee-joo (Park Shin-hye), owner of an almost run down Hostel Bonita instead.

Things get complicated around Jin-woo as he finds the border between the game & his reality starts to blur.

In the meantime, romance begins khổng lồ blossom between Jin-woo and Hee-joo.

With its quality storyline, impressive sầu computer graphics & beautiful cinematography, it is no surprise how Memories of the Alhambra can keep the audience captivated up lớn its last episode.

Here are at least 10 things you might not know about South Korean drama Memories of the Alhambra (2018):

1.Memories of the Alhambra was inspired by Pokemon Go

In an interview, the writer Song Jae-jung revealed the story started about a man from the future, Yoo Jin-woo. She was playing with the idea of Yoo Jin-woo staying in a khách sạn room and opening the door to lớn a stranger who would shoot him with a gun.

However, there was one problem. The idea was not motivated enough for her to lớn carry on with the idea.

When she was searching for ideas lớn write about, Poketháng Go was the in thing at that time.

Song stated in the 2019 interview, “I didn’t think of doing a video game theme because it didn’t seem possible lớn create a virtual reality like the movie Avatar. But if it were khổng lồ involve augmented reality with items on the screen lượt thích Poketháng Go, it seemed doable. That was when I dropped the time travel idea & decided to only keep the character Yoo Jin-woo.”

In another interview with The Korea Times, Song revealed that she was really impressed by Korean digital special effects technicians’ skills.

She further stated, “I was afraid of taking on the challenge of AR gaming genre. Since there was no prior drama lớn take reference, people I’ve sầu talked with painted different pictures in their heads. But when I first saw the first episode, it was really beyond my expectations how realistically those technicians embodied the AR world in the drama. Memories of the Alhambra introduced the AR genre to viewers, applying only basic gaming concepts like doing missions, level-ups & alliances. I think maybe I can tell another gaming story in my next project applying more advanced gaming rules.”

2.Another source of inspiration is Elon Musk

In the same interview, Song revealed that the male lead Yoo Jin-woo is inspired by CEO of SpaceX Elon Musk.

She admitted that she seldom read books lượt thích novels, preferring books and magazines focused on the humanities.When Song was reading Musk’s autobiography, she was inspired lớn write a character similar to lớn hyên ổn.

3.Hyun Bin’s character is also inspired by Odysseus from Greek Mythology

As you watch Memories of the Alhambra, you cannot help but notice the episodes of hardship after hardship that Jin-woo experiences throughout the drama.

This is because Song drew a similarity between Jin-woo and Odysseus from Greek mythology.

“Although Odysseus was a great king, he suffered serious repercussions from war & also experienced inexplicable situations. Jin-woo also faces troubles & strange incidents. What mattered khổng lồ me was how Jin-woo becomes a nhân vật in the kết thúc, after bearing all the consequences of his previous decisions.”

4.The relationship initially draws inspiration from Mathilda & Leon

What makes Jin-woo different from typical Korean drama male leads is that he has gone through not one but two divorces.

At first, Song imagined a Mathilda and Leon in Leon: The Professional (1994) kind of relationship. It is one that stands somewhere between love sầu và friendship with the woman being the saviour of Jin-woo.

The 1994 film is an English-language French action-thriller film that follows a professional hitman named Leon. He reluctantly takes in 12-year-old Mathilda (Natalie Portman’s first film) after her family is brutally murdered.

After the cast was finally decided, Song decided that the relationship would be on the thắm thiết side.


5.The scriptwriter is known for her fantasy dramas circling about different dimensions and time travels.

The reason why the initial idea behind Memories of the Alhambra was a time-travel story is because Song is known for this kind of story line.

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Her drama Nine: 9 Times Time Travel (2013) is about an anchorman who obtains nine incense items which allow him khổng lồ travel trăng tròn years back in time.

Another drama Queen In-Hyun (2012) by Song is about a noble man from the Joseon Dynasty who winds up in present-day Seoul.

Memories of the Alhambra is not Song’s first drama in which she plays around with the idea of a different dimension.

W: Two Worlds Apart (2016) is about the romance between a webtoon character & a real-life surgeon.

6.Some of the scenes were actually not shot in Granada, Spain

While the drama supposedly set in both Spain & South Korea, there are plenty of scenes which were not shot in either of these two countries.

When Hee-jo and Jin-woo meet up in a restaurant khổng lồ discuss Jin-woo buying the hostel, the eatery is actually a steak restaurant located in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

And when Jin-woo accidentally ends up in a small town train station which is supposed khổng lồ be in Spain? The rustic train station is actually Kisterenye Railway Station in Hungary that dates baông xã at least khổng lồ the 1870s.

Again, the Granadomain authority train station in the drama is not even in Spain but in Hungary. Opened in 1858. the Mezotur Railway Station is about 2.5 hours away from Budapest by car.

7.The story behind Recuerdos de la Alhambra

The title of the drama actually alludes to Spanish guitarist Francisco Tarrega’s classical guitar piece Recuerdos de la Alhambra.

The piece also serve sầu as the drama’s original soundtraông xã.

Tarrega wrote and dedicated it to lớn his patron Concepcion Gomez de Jacoby, commemorating their visit lớn the Alhambra palace.

The melody supposedly represents the water of the fountains inside of the Alhambra.

8.Park Shin-hye learns how to lớn speak Spanish for her role in the Memories of the Alhambra

If you have been following the works of Korean actress Park Shin-hye, she is known khổng lồ take up the role of a poor girl who cries a lot.

In this drama she still plays a poor girl who cries a lot but knows how khổng lồ speak Spanish & play the classical guitar.

She reportedly took up Spanish and classical guitar lessons for her role in the drama.

When filming in Spain, Shin-hye put some effort khổng lồ create an authentic pronunciation by learning from the native speakers there.

9.And yes, Alhambra is a real palace & fortress

Alhambra was originally constructed as a small fortress in 889 on the remains of Roman fortifications.

Then, the fortress was neglected until the mid-13th century by the Arab Nasrid emir Mohammed ben Al-Ahmar of the Emirate of Granada.

The name Alhambra has its origin in an Arabic word meaning ‘red castle’. This is perhaps due to lớn the colour of the towers and walls.

Today, Alhambra is known to be the only surviving palatine thành phố (a royal territorial center) of the Islamic Golden age.

Additionally, the palace became a remnant of the Nasrid dynasty, the last Islamic kingdom in Western Europe.

10.Will there be a second season of Memories of the Alhambra?

While the fans are rooting for the second season of this Korean series, there is no confirmation yet.