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The cutting and mastering room of STUDIO Dede in Ikebukuro, Tokyo. Shinya Matsushita, a cutting engineer of STUDIO Dede, is still in his mid-30"s but has a detailed knowledge of vintage equipment and provides maintenance by his own hands.

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U.S.-made Scully lathe and Westrex cutting head, both in operation at STUDIO Dede. Equipment in the studio can be kept in good condition by due diligence và daily fine-tuning.
MAYUXiaoMi MI ITSWA"s "KOIBITO YO" was originally released in 1980, & since then has been well known as her signature work. Following the hybrid SACD of "KOIBITO YO" released by Stereo Sound in January of 2020, an analog record of the same album, we are pleased khổng lồ announce here, was introduced in April of the same year.While the mastering of the hybrid SACD was done by Koji Suzuki of Sony Music Studquả táo Tokyo, the production of lacquer discs of the analog record was entrusted khổng lồ STUDIO Dede in Ikebukuro, Tokyo. Thanks to the full cooperation of Sony Music Entertainment Inc., we were granted exceptional permission khổng lồ move the original master tapes to lớn an outside studio và were able lớn produce the analog record.For making the sound quality high enough lớn meet the need of audiophile, STUDIO Dede"s engineers carefully played baông xã the musical signal recorded in the original analog master tapes, & successfully uncovered further attractiveness và the unique still underlying in the original source.The lacquers, master for production of LP.., were produced by Shinya Matsushita, who is a cutting engineer of STUDIO Dede. Using the two TELEFUNKEN tape recorders―modified permanent equipment of STUDIO Dede―1/4-inch master tapes were once duplicated, then, with the Dolby A―a professional nose reduction system chosen by Matsushita―the noise in the background was carefully reduced during the playbachồng. Thus, the master of the superb-chất lượng LPhường. of "KOIBITO YO" was completed.It is also worth noting that the Scully lathe và Westrex cutting head, both are U.S.-made, were used for producing the LPhường. This well-fitted combination of vinyl record cutting tools made it possible lớn extract the recorded musical signals lớn the maximum & reveal the atmosphere and presence that had lain dormant on the original master tapes. Listened to the finished sound, you can clearly see the reason why MAYUMI ITSUWA và the production staff of "KOIBITO YO" at the time adhered to lớn the recording in France.The record pressing was done in the Sony DADC Japan Inc., a vinyl pressing plant in Shizuoka prefecture, Japan, which is reputed for its stable hàng hóa chất lượng. The more you increase the volume, the more you can feel straightforwardly the subtle beaty of the combinational harmony of MAYUXiaoMi MI ITSUWA"s voice và backing, và can absorb her inspirational musical messages as if it spreads out in front of you.
1. 恋人よ / Koibilớn yo
2. あなたは突然に / Anata wa Totsuzen ni
3. ロマンプレイボーイ / Roman Playboy
4. ジョーカー / Joker
5. わたしの気持ちも知らないで / Watashi no Kimođưa ra mo Shiranaide

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1. ジェラシー/ Jealousy
2. 想い出はいつの日も / Omoide wa Itsunohi mo
3. 思うままの女 / Omoumama no Onna
4. 春便り / Harudayori
5. 愛の蜃気楼(砂の城)/ Ai no Shinkirou (Sumãng cầu no Shiro)

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Released Format Genre Product Number JAN Code
7th April, 2020
Vinyl, LP. (1 disc), 33 1/3 RPM
Japanese popular songs

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