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LSG Group experts clarify food myths from around the world – Episode 2 is about passion fruits và maracujas

It is about the size of a golf ball, dark purple or light brown in color, somewhat wrinkly và its flesh is bright yellow: the so-called maracuja decorates fruit shelves in supermarkets, labels on juice bottles và ice cream packaging – a very familiar sight. Sometimes, however, the exotic fruit is also sold as a passion fruit. So what is right và what is an unnoticed error? Mathieu Castex, Manager Corporate Culinary Excellence và dessert expert at LSG Group, tells us more.

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“The fruit, often referred to as a maracuja, is in fact a passion fruit. It belongs to lớn the same family, but they are completely different fruits,” says Castex. The real maracuja, also known as yellow granadilla, is yellow lớn green in color và resembles a tennis ball in kích thước. Its flesh is less luminous và tastes slightly more acidic.

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This, coupled with their high yield quotas, makes them a popular component of syrups. Maracuja is also suitable for desserts that need an ingredient khổng lồ counterbalance their sweet components. Because of its rather unspectacular appearance, however, the sweeter passion fruit, also known as purple granadilla, is often preferred on most packaging. Such a practice, however, is not completely wrong due lớn the cđại bại relationship between the fruits.

The “Global Food Myths” is an ongoing series. We will drill down on a specific urban legover about food, drinks or table culture every Friday. Stay tuned for more!

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