The best lip masks of 2020

Sometimes, no matter how much you slather on, your everyday lip balm just won"t cut it. When your lips are seriously chapped, you need more than a sheer balm—you need a supercharged lip mask. Lip masks go above and beyond to cure a flaky pout overnight (or in just a few hours). Between buttery balms, gel patches, and frosting-like whips, you can"t go wrong with any of these luxe lip treatments. Swap out your everyday lip balm with one of the nhân vật masks ahead.

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Bring new life khổng lồ your lips overnight with this all-time favorite lip mask, which comes in luscious scents lượt thích berry, vanilla, và grapefruit, and with a tiny spatula for a sanitary và mess-không tính phí application.

If you lips have sầu spent too much time in the sun, try wearing thisall-over balm, featuring vitamin E, A, eucalyptus mint, andmango oil, overnight khổng lồ boost the healing process & soothe irritation.

From the lip-careaficionavì, Sara Happ"s Sweet Clay Mask is a lip savior in a pot.The frosting-lượt thích,pink formula featuresbentonite clay to lớn soften & clarify lips andSwertiamarin, which regenerates và restores the skin of the lips.

There"s a reason this lip mask is continuously selling out: the non-sticky, jelly sản phẩm is lightweight enough khổng lồ wear during the day, but leaves lips conditioned courtesy to peach extract và camellia oil (rich in omegas and fatty acids). It"s so rich that one jar will last you seemingly forever.

KNC Beauty"s lip mask will give sầu you plump, hydrated,kissable lips in seconds (literally). The pout-shaped sheet mask isfilled with collaren (which may give sầu you a slight tingle),rose flower oil for supple hydration, và bitter cherry extract lớn protect and balance skin.

You"ll be hooked on this organic lip mask, not only because of its fresh citrus scent, but because the deep repair it delivers from a cocktail of natural oils, such has rosehip, avocabởi vì, pomegranate & jojobố.

Editor"s swear by this vegan lip mask for its ability to cure dry, chapped lips overnight. Tip: Treat your lips to thisagave-infused mask after using a lip scrub.

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If you"re short on time, opt for thesecooling gel patches, which only takes five minutes lớn infuse your lips withcollagene peptides, green tea extract, andniacinamide.

Ifyour lips are on the drier side, Milk Makeup"s melatonin-filled mask will hydrate & refresh lips overnight,ensuring you & your lipswake up well-rested.

Burt"s Bees iconic drugstore lip balmgets a luxe pháo twist. Trade inyour lip balm for thisintense overnight treatment, which is rich in ceramides & all-natural. You"ll never remove it from your nightst& lineup.

Similar khổng lồ other lip patches, Rodial"s masklocks inhydration & plump the lips with the gel texture. But what makes this lip maskunique is its star ingredient: Dragon"s blood, whichhasanti-inflammatory properties thatprotect and soothe lips throughout the day.

Apply a thichồng layer of this hyaluronic acid & jojoba seed oil-rich mask at night to lớn rid flakes and reveal bouncy, supple lips by morning.

This may look like a lipstiông xã, but it delivers way more than a dose of color.Swap out your everyday lip huefor this tinted lip mask, which leaves a sheer hint of color and nourishment, courtesy ofmango and cocoa butter. It"s the least-messy formula on this menu & perfect for stashing in your favorite handbag.

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