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South Korean celebrity Lee da Hae unleashed a new skill after she involved herself in a sponsorship chiến dịch with World Vision.

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Lee da Hae Shares Her Voice in the 2021 Sponsorship Story Contest

Lee domain authority Hae"s agency Ascendio, a Korean company that produces various activities from films, dramas, recordings, & more, announced the recent recording activity that their artist was involved in.

In the news report released by Herald Pop, the "My Girl" actress once again made a buzz on the online community by participating in a warm project partnership with the International Relief & Development NGO World Vision.


The "2021 Sponsorship Story Contest" with Lee da Hae is a campaign designed to lớn convey the value of good deeds khổng lồ a wider audience. Và to fulfill this, those aspiring writers who have inspiring stories to share become the storytellers of their own piece.

Known poet na Tae Joo also participated in the evaluation of the stories. A total of nine award-winning works were successfully selected through fair and professional judging. After the selection, all the chosen stories will be published as an audiobook with the title"The Time Were Together" that contains the voices of various celebrities.

Lee da Hae Receives Praises for Her Magnificent Work

For the first part, Lee domain authority Hae put all her effort lớn clearly convey each story by meticulously checking the script of the award-winning works. As soon as the recording started, the "Miss Ripley" star immediately immersed herself in the story. She received praises from the individuals present during the recording session.

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She expressed her emotions naturally, which was greatly felt by the supporters of the campaign. Her sincere & delicate storytelling made a mark on the listeners. In addition, Lee da Hae was able to give comfort và warmth khổng lồ those who are going through a difficult time. She also thanked all the people behind the campaign who trusted her with the project.

For those who want lớn know the inspiring real-life stories written in "The Time We Were Together," in which Lee domain authority Hae participated, you can find it on the World Vision official website và Naver Audio đoạn clip starting from August 19.

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Where is Actress Lee da Hae Right Now?

Meanwhile, Lee da Hae is on her break in the acting field. But she is currently busy working with other brand endorsements và enjoying a simple life with her family and friends.

Her recent drama project was in 2018 with "The Good Witch."


Lee da Hae is one of Lee Dong Wook"s famous leading ladies when it comes lớn Korean series. Their first project team-up was in the 2005 SBS hit drama "My Girl," their on-screen chemistry was enjoyed và loved by the fans.

Nine years later, the two reunited again in the mystery-romance drama "Hotel King" in 2014, which was also watched by their loyal fans.

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