How to layer like a fashion girl

October is almost over. The temperatures are dropping every day and we need serious layers to lớn keep us warm. As tempting as it is lớn throw on an oversized jacket and điện thoại tư vấn it day, we have sầu something better for you – fall layering done right. So not any kind of layering – the stylish kind. In other words, fall layering with style. Sounds promising, right? It is! Stay with us to learn how khổng lồ layer for fall, polish your layering skills, and enjoy your chic & warm fall outfits.


Steps And Tips For A Perfect Fall Layered Look

The best part of layering for fall is that you can use so many different clothing articles from your wardrobe: summer essentials, winter clothes, and everything in between. And don’t worry, you won’t look bigger if you dress for your toàn thân type! A perfectly layered look should make you look amazing. In fact, it should accentuate your assets and hide the imperfection you want khổng lồ keep away from the world.

Layering doesn’t have sầu to lớn be complicated. If you follow the 5simple steps for layering we highlighted below, you should be able lớn puttogether a layered outfit in less than 5 minutes.

5 Steps lớn a Perfectly Layered Outfit

Start with a basic top or button-down shirt. Opt for neutral colors or a striped top. Start to lớn add layers. You can add a sweater, a cardigan or a blazer on top. If you love color, now it’s time khổng lồ add it to the set.If it’s really cold outside, put a jacket or coat over your second layer. If you chose a colorful second layer, go back lớn neutral colors for the jacket or coat. You can opt for the classic blachồng or for an autumnal color. Think olive green, camel or maroon. On the other hvà, if the rest of your outfit is neutral, you can wear a statement jacket or coat for a much-needed pop of color. You can opt for autumnal colors here as well. Instead of muted colors, opt for bright colors such as yellow, orange or purple. Add a scarf! No fall outfit is complete without a scarf! It is the cherry on top of your outfit cake.Last step – accessories. Choose your favorite accessories, make sure they match your outfit, and you’re ready khổng lồ go.

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See? It’s so easy!

Quiông chồng Layering Tips

We have sầu lớn add a few fall layering tips to lớn make sure yourfall outfit is always on point. Then we’re moving to lớn layering ideas!

Always keep the under-layers fitted for a slim look.Pay attention khổng lồ proportions and lengths. Typically, you want short layers underneath và long layers on top. However, a long cardigan with a short leather jacket looks amazing so try different options until you like what you see in the mirror. Combine different textures. When styling a layered look, it’s important to incorporate different fabrics in your outfit. Wearing the same materials will make your outfit look dull and boring. Or worse, bulky & heavy.

7 Fall Layering Ideas

Now that you know the basics, it’s time for an adventurous& fun game of Tetris! Because when done right, fall layering is just assatisfying and fun as Tetris. You know how it is in Tetris – not all pieces fittogether và, when you’re rushed, you end up making mistakes that you wouldn’tnormally make. Same thing goes for layering clothing articles. Therefore, tokeep you safe from faux-pas, we have sầu some tried and tested ideas that neverdisappoint. When in doubt, try these instead of trying lớn put together anoutfit from scratch or instead of the wearing classic turtleneck-sweater-blazer combo.


Wear a Cardigan Under a Jacket – An Option That’s More Versatile Than YouThink

You already know this one but we had lớn mention it again since you can create different looks by layering a cardigan and a jacket.

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You can have sầu a casual chic look if you pair the cardigan & jacket with jeans & boots or a more elegant, lady-lượt thích one if you pair them with a midi dress or midi skirt & a button-down shirt.

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You can wear both looks with heels or flats. For extra chicpoints, add a blanket scarf or a beret.


Wear Two Sweaters For Extra Warmth

Sounds comfy, cozy, and warm but the real question is… willit make me look bigger? Not necessarily! If you choose different types ofknits, you should be ok. A thin knit for the first layer & a chunky one forthe second layer. It’s a great triông chồng for adding texture.

Don’t forget about colors and patterns! The more, themerrier.


Button-Down Shirt + V-Neckline Sweater – A classic Layering Option For Fall

Nothing beats a classic! After all, we don’t hotline it a classic for no reason.You can count on it anytime you’re out of ideas and you’ll look classy andchic. For the best fall look, go for a burgundy or olive-green sweater.

Want khổng lồ try something slightly different? Replace the V-necksweater with a boat-neck one. Alternatively, replace the button-down shirt witha turtleneck.

For even more variation, consider styling a dress over abutton-down dress. This way, you can wear your summer dresses during autumnwithout being cold.


Summer Dresses + Sweaters = Fall Perfection In An Outfit

Since we mentioned summer dresses earlier, we have to lớn giveyou a few more options. You can wear them with boots và a leather jacket for arock-chic-feminine look or with blazers for a casual office look. However, thereare many other options lớn explore.

You can pair your minis with over-the-knee boots và jackets if you’re not afraid khổng lồ stvà out in a crowd. You can wear your spaghetti strips maxi dress over sweaters for a 90s style look a la Phoebe Buffay.

Wear the sweaters on top of the maxis with a belt for acompletely different vibe. The chunkier the sweater, the better since thedifferent textures create a beautiful contrast.

Remember to lớn always wear thick tights or leggings if it’scold. By the way, tights are a great way khổng lồ add color to an outfit. If you’recourageous, you can wear bright colored tights with sandals, a midi dress, andomain authority stylish coat.


Bows, Ruffles, And Other Delicate Designs With Denim Jackets

The point of fall layering is to make you look stylish whilekeeping you warm so why not pair your feminine tops & dresses with denim? Ifit’s distressed denyên ổn, the look will be even better.

As for shoes, you can easily go for stilettos or sneakers. Bothwork great. Granted, you get two completely different looks depending on theshoe you choose. That can only mean more outfit options for fall – one for everydaywear & another one for the weekover.


Wear A Turtleneck Under A Dress For A Basic But Nice Fall Outfit

You can’t go wrong with turtlenecks during fall if you try new ways lớn stylethem. The boring turtleneông chồng + blazer bộ combo is overdone so try something else. Ifyou wear the turtleneck under a dress and a leather jacket on top, you have alovely fall outfit. You can replace the jacket with a vest for a differenteffect.


Scarves And Other Fall Must-Have sầu Accessories For Layering

Ok, you got it; scarves shouldn’t miss from your fallwardrobe. Nevertheless, we couldn’t găng enough how important they are! Theycan turn a basic, neutral outfit inlớn a fashionista outfit in less than 5seconds. For that, you need a bold & big scarf that can add color, texture,& dimension to lớn your outfit. Wear it over your shoulders like a shawl & tieit with a belt around the waist khổng lồ create a wonderful silhouette. Over the knee boots, ankle boots, biker boots, stilettos, court shoes, platformboots are all great options for fall. Alternate between them how you want.

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