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For years, Vietnam giới had been handpicking its candidates for Miss World. But with stringent requirements set by Julia Morley, Vietnam had made great strides in organizing a new pageant designed specifically to lớn crown the country’s candidate for Miss World. Trần Ngọc Lan Khuê, a charismatic and dedicated woman, is the first winner of the newly organized Miss World Vietphái mạnh pageant. She will represent a nation that is a newcomer at Miss World yet has already produced 5 semifinalists/quarterfinalists. Indeed, Vietphái mạnh will be well represented this year and wishes Trần Ngọc Lan Khuê all the best in her quest for Vietnam’s first ever Big4 crown.

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Special thanks khổng lồ Donald Nguyen for facilitating the interview. 1.) How would you describe yourself?

I am a lovely 23 years old girl, also a very energetic mã sản phẩm on the runway & in front of the camera. But the most important thing that makes people appreciate me is that I am a responsible person.

2.) If you win the Miss World crown, which country would you like khổng lồ visit first & why?

I want to lớn come bachồng khổng lồ my country, Vietphái nam, lớn celebrate & chia sẻ my victory with my family, my friends và my people. Besides, I want lớn continue my Beauty With A Purpose project to lớn help “Ease the pain of cancer afflicted children” because Vietphái nam has high rate of children cancer. Moreover, if I can be the new Miss World I can use my influence and image lớn develop my project in other countries.


3.) Describe your Beauty With A Purpose project?

My project is “ Ease The Pain Of The Cancer Afflicted Children”. My country is one of the countries with the highest rates of cancer in the world. Children accounted for a high proportion while they are the future of the country. This is a huge loss not only families but also society. My family has 2 blood cancer babies và I have sầu seen the pain that they have sầu suffered so I understand. That motivates me khổng lồ vì chưng something khổng lồ ease the pain of their body toàn thân and spirit. But I want, not only me, but also the people to lớn take the responsibility to lớn society. That is the reason why I divided my project into lớn two parts: 1. Mobilize people khổng lồ donate children ’s books lớn create bookcases at their treatment place. This has two meanings: Everyone has opportunity to help by making small things, inexpensive sầu but meaningful – the majority of children to lớn be treated in hospital for a long time has so few opportunities lớn go khổng lồ school. The books, the stories told by their parents every night will be a dose of painkiller. It will exp& their knowledge about the world, learn how to lớn live sầu optimistically & hopefully lớn fight the disease; và 2. The medical equipment tech that i contribute lớn tư vấn physicians in the treatment of child cancer more effectively.

4.) Do you think that swimsuits are still relevant in beauty pageants?

In my opinion, no one can judge the virtue of a woman based on her swimsuit or whatever she wear. The new age women should have an inner beauty, a kind heart, intelligence & responsibility khổng lồ society. I think, that is all a Beauty Queen should have.

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5.) If you are lớn choose what kind of dance would you persize at Dances of The World and why?

I want lớn keep it as a secret. You will know very soon. But I can tell you a little bit about that: It is a traditional dance of North Vietphái nam that many generations as an ancient religious ritual.

6.) What makes you proud of your country?

Many people admire the curves of most the Vietnamese women và ask me the reason why we always look younger & fresher than our real age. The secret that makes us the way we are is our traditional cuisine because we use less oil and fat in cooking, eat plenty of vegetables in every meal. Nowadays a lot of countries in the world know and put our cuisine on the diet menu while ensuring heath. I am very proud of our cuisine: delicious, diverse, healthy.


7.) What are your current preparations for Miss World?

I am interested và concentrated to lớn develop my Beauty With A Purpose project. Besides that, I always try to lớn improve sầu my skills. The most important thing I will never forget is khổng lồ remind myself: always keep the mental clarity, optimism, full of energy khổng lồ bring to Miss World all of my energy and enthusiasm.

8.) What is your breakfast like?

There are a lot of great food in the world và I always want to lớn enjoy it all. I lượt thích to lớn experience different dishes.

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9.) Vietnam has now a formal pageant to choose it is Miss World contestant. Do you think that is a better arrangement when compared with casting calls & appointments?

In previous years, Vietnamese contestants khổng lồ Miss World are hand-picked or from another pageant, which without any charity project. As the first và newly chosen of Miss World Vietnam, I have already my own Beauty With A Purpose project which has never happened in Vietphái nam before.

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