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Kokology is the study of Kokoro in Japanese which in the meaning mean the study of mind or spirit! Kokology in psychology is an attempt khổng lồ interpret the behavior of different people in imaginary, sometimes abstract situations. The participant of this kind of chạy thử presents a scene from life, movie, fairy and expects an answer, which in a given situation he/she would vì. On the basis of this answer, one can infer about his/her family relationships and love. Are you ready khổng lồ take the test?!


1. Imagine that you are going through the đô thị & suddenly see a lot of scary, crazy monsters. What vì you think is the cause of their anger?

a. They are hungry & are looking for food. b. They seek their lost love. c. They have a temperament. d. They are disappointed in the world.

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2. You go through the art gallery, you are relaxed. Your eyes will stop on one image. You look at it for a long time, surprised & fascinated. What kind of image?

a. Self-portrait. b. Caricature. c. Abstraction. d. Landscape.


3. If you had a magic eraser that could erase everything:

a. You would erase yourself. b. You would have sầu wiped your beloved person. c. You would erase "the third one".


4. You are again in the same art gallery. Where you admire the image, the man standing next lớn you speaks lớn you. The words are:

a. "What a beautiful picture, don’t you think?" b. "How bởi you lượt thích this picture?" c. "Sorry, do you know what time it is?" d. "You know, I painted this picture."


5. You are in a 5-star khách sạn, in a room overlooking the xanh sky. You cut a few hours of nap. What can you expect from a window when you wake up?

a. Southern sun illuminating the xanh sea. b. The dark xanh sea in which the stars reflect. c. Fog, which covers the sea. d. Sunphối on the horizon.

6. You are in your living room when someone knocks on the door. Through the viewer, you see a stranger. You know that it"s a technician. Who"s that?

a. Electrician. b. Hydraulic. c. Someone from air conditioning. d. Computer/television technician.

7. You"re a superstar who"s going to lớn release a new album. What is the cover?

a. A beautiful landscape. b. Picture as from a cartoon. c. Abstract image, something artistic. d. Your photo lớn.

8. Which part of the cake would you like khổng lồ eat?

a. Strawberry part. b. Unattractive sầu decoration. c. Sweet, edible decoration. d. Chocolate part. e. The wafer, which is decorated with a cake.

If you chose the answer: a. You are on a diet & you suffer from it. b. Love sầu is the main cause of găng & pressure in your life. C. You feel dissatisfied with your appearance. d. You are a pessimist.

2. This question is related to your attractiveness và the characteristics of your personality.

If you chose the answer: a. You are self-confident. b. You are sociable và have sầu a sense of humor. c. You are a creative sầu person. d. You are delicate and tactful.

3. This question will show you how you khuyễn mãi giảm giá with love problems và what kind of love sầu you have.

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If you chose the answer: a. You always run away from problems. b. You respect love và consider it a beautiful adventure. c. You love sầu to solve sầu any problems right away.

4. This question means the way you react when you meet someone for the first time.

If you chose the answer: a. You are friendly - you love sầu to meet new friends. b. You will be conservative. c. You are independent. d. You are always upphối when you meet someone new, you want khổng lồ make a good impression.

5. This question symbolizes your expectations for love.

If you chose the answer: a. You want an enormous passion. b. You believe in the importance of honesty between lovers. c. You want your beloved person to lớn be your best frikết thúc. d. You are looking for perfect love sầu. Igiảm giá khuyến mãi và romantic.

6. The question symbolizes a problem existing in your family that you are trying khổng lồ ignore.

If you chose the answer: a. A warm atmosphere that makes everyone want khổng lồ talk to each other. b. A sense of understanding & respect for the feelings of others. c. An external factor that harms you. d. Comtháng fun, family entertainment.

7. This question is about how you want others to lớn see you

If you chose the answer: a. You see yourself as a gentle & well-behaved man. b. You see yourself as a loving person, always entertaining everyone around you. c. You think you are very talented and very creative. d. You think you are confident và like to be a leader.

8. This question is about your life attitude.

If you chose the answer: a. Your life is based on morality. You always act in accordance with the inner sense of justice. b. You are fashionable, you are progressive sầu và always fascinate people around you. c. You care about others" feelings và emotions, but because you vì not want to lớn offkết thúc anyone. d. You are reasonable, you are a born leader. You love sầu to control others. e. You are affectionate, romantic and always dreaming of a happy marriage.

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I don't think he is gud at giving such conclusion .... I think All those answers are of his perspective only
I don't think he is gud at giving such conclusion .... I think All those answers are of his perspective sầu only
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