Kit harington and rose leslie celebrate anniversary

Kit Harington & Rose Leslie’s love sầu story began on the set of trò chơi of Thrones during season 2. While their characters Jon Snow and Ygritte fell for each other on-screen, Harington and Leslie were falling in love behind the camera. The couple fueled romance rumors for four years before going public in năm nhâm thìn. When they appeared together on The Jonathan Ross Show in 2014 Harington và Leslie could not keep it together when their GOT co-star talked about one of the series’ most shocking sex scenes.

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‘trò chơi of Thrones’ stars Rose Leslie and Kit Harington | Jeff Spicer/Getty Images

Rose Leslie recalls one of her steamiest ‘trò chơi of Thrones’ scenes with Kit Harington

Leslie và Harington first met in Icel& while shooting season 2. As Harper’s Bazaar notes, Harington revealed that Icelvà is his favorite country because that’s where he fell in love sầu.

“If you’re already attracted khổng lồ someone, và then they play your love sầu interest in the show, it becomes very easy to fall in love sầu,” Harington said.

The couple had just as much chemistry on-screen as they did off. And their characters shared a steamy moment that Leslie remembers well. She told Entertainment Weekly that it was a big scene for Jon & Ygritte.

“It was such a moment for the two lovers to finally come together, and the promiscuous side of Ygritte was wanting lớn teach Jon Snow a few things,” Leslie said. “There was a lot of fun to lớn be had in terms of her demeanor & the way she held herself. I rethành viên enjoying this side of her. She was a lot of talk, but she ended up walking the walk.”

Leslie noted that she felt very safe shooting the scene. She also remembers enjoying the day because it was a different element for both characters.

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Kit Harington was a ‘gentleman’ when shooting a sex scene with his future wife

Leslie remembers jumping inlớn hot water with Harington during the scene. She called the experience “rather enjoyable.” She also noted that her future husband was a “gentleman.” Leslie says Harington made sure she was comfortable with where he was positioned.

As soon as the director called cut, Leslie says Harington made sure the wardrobe dailies had a dressing gown waiting. She explained that the director never spoke to lớn her or gave her notes until she was covered.

Leslie recalls Harington being “very considerate.” She says he made sure that she wasn’t feeling awkward standing in front of people with her “tits out.”

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The red-headed beauty – who just revealed she was expecting the couple’s first child – said that it’s always going to lớn be awkward when shooting a sex scene. However, she says Harington and the rest of the crew were “incredibly considerate.”

Leslie also revealed that she and Harington had a conversation about where their boundaries were before shooting.

Charles Dance had Kit và Rose struggling khổng lồ keep it together

In 2014, Harington & Leslie appeared on The Jonathan Ross Show with their Game of Thrones co-star Charles Dance (Tywin Lannister). He explained that he wasn’t in the first couple of episodes. But, when he went lớn a screening, Dance says he was astonished at the amount of “rumpy pumpy.”

Ross added that there was nudity and sex in Game of Thrones every five minutes, which made it “great.” But when Dance noted that it was all “doggy fashion,” — assuming he was describing that infamous scene with Cersei & Jaime in the pilot — Leslie và Harington couldn’t stop laughing.

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Dance described the GOT sex scenes as lacking fotrả lời. Instead, he said they were “flip, wallop.” Leslie kept trying to lớn hold in her laughter while avoiding eye liên hệ. Meanwhile, Harington tried to cover his face while laughing.

Dance said he told the producers after the screening that “obviously the missionary position didn’t come inkhổng lồ vogue for a few years.” They told hyên that they wanted the scenes lớn be “animalistic.” He conceded that they are “certainly that.”

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