20 Adorable Facts About Kit Harrington And Emilia Clarke"S Friendship

It is easy lớn see why many Game of Thrones fans shipped Kit Harington & Emilia Clarke. Not only were their characters, Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen, two of the most popular on the show, but the actors also had a cthảm bại friendship both on & off the set. Their bond has naturally led lớn speculation about a potential romance, but did Harington và Clarke ever date in real life?

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Emilia Clarke & Kit Harington | Photo lớn by Venturelli/WireImage

Kit Harington và Emilia Clarke nội dung a cthua thảm bond

Jon may have plunged a dagger into Daenerys’ heart in the series finale of Game of Thrones, but Harington’s friendship with Clarke has remained strong. Bachồng in April, Harington opened up about the first time he met Clarke và admitted that he thought she was absolutely gorgeous. Their first encounter with each other happened in the first season of trò chơi of Thrones, back when Rich Madden was still playing Robb Stark.

“I had been talking khổng lồ Rich Madden at the barvà he went, ‘I’ve just met the new Daenerys. She’s gorgeous.’ And I was like,‘Really? I haven’t met her yet.’ And then she came in and I saw her and waslượt thích, ‘Wow.’ She takes your breath away when she walks inkhổng lồ a room,Emilia,” Kit Harington shared.

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According khổng lồ EntertainmentWeekly, Harington added that he và Clarke quickly became friendsfollowing their first meeting, especially after the actress won hyên ổn over withher “wicked” humor. Because their characters did not chia sẻ any sceneson the show, the two were hardly ever on mix together until the final twoseasons. They would, however, meet up during table reads và spent plenty oftime on the road promoting the series.

In fact, Harington revealed that their friendship reallyblossomed outside of the show & that they bonded over their sharedexperiences.

Emilia Clarke and Rose Leslie are good friends

Clarke also shares a cthua thảm bond with Harington’s wife and former on-screen lover, Rose Leslie, who portrayed Ygritte on trò chơi of Thrones. Harington revealed that Clarke & Leslie have sầu been cthua thảm friends for a number of years and the trio often goes out for drinks. Their outings, however, get a little tricky once fans notice one of them from the show.

Because they are cchiến bại friends outside of the series, it wasawkward when Jon và Daenerys hooking up on the show. In a recent interview,Clarke revealed that she & Harington both broke out in laughter during theirfirst intimate scene.

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Kit Harington didn’t help the situation when he pretended to lớn bedisgusted after kissing Clarke in front of the cameras. He also admitted thatit was weird kissing his good friover, even if it was for a TV show. Haringtonalso revealed that the whole thing made for some awkward dinner talk,especially whenever Clarke was invited over.

Fans ship Kit Harington & Emilia Clarke for good reason

While they are just good friends outside of the show, Harington and Clarke gave sầu fans plenty of reasons to root for a romance in real life. In fact, Harington frequently popped up on Clarke’s Instagram page, và the pair have sầu taken some adorable selfies over the years.

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They also posed together for a steamy Rolling Stone cover that included them kissing. The photo lớn did not make it into the magazine, but photographers featured it on social truyền thông media, which only fueled the romance rumors even more.

So, did Kit Harington & Emilia Clarke ever date?

Despite all of the rumors và undeniable chemistry, Clarke andHarington never actually dated in real life. In fact, Clarke opened up aboutthe rumors in an interview in 2017. The actress shut down the romance talk andassured fans that it could not have sầu been further from the truth.

Turns out, the two really are just good friends and would nothave it any other way. For his part, Harington has not addressed the romancerumors, though it is probably a safe bet that he shares similar sentiments.

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Harington & Leslie tied the knot in the summer of 2018. Lesliestarred on Game of Thrones for several seasons before her character waskilled off.

Like Kit Harington, Leslie is also a familiar face on Clarke’s Instagram page và the two have been friends for six years và counting. It is unclear what Leslie thinks about all of the romance rumors, but it is good to lớn know that they are all cthất bại friends in real life.