Vietnamese hip-hop artists và rappers

Showcasing Vietnamese hip-hop talents & boasting the country’s most famous rappers as judges on TV, Rap Viet and King of Rap are the 2 hotdemo reality shows on air these days.

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As both shows are still broadcasting their audition rounds in Vietphái nam, it’s a good time to get up lớn speed on the country’s top hip-hop artists. Here’s our lowdown on 13 Vietnamese hip-hop artists & rappers whom you can look out for in these TV competitions & on YouTube.

1. DSK- a great lyricist và a legend in the eyes of many

Image adapted from: Villain Official

Part of the local hip-hop music scene since 2004, the self-taught 32-year-old’s lifelong commitment lớn hip-hop has made hlặng one of the most respected Vietnamese hip-hop artists today.

Image credit: VTVDSK used to lớn live in Hanoi, Saigon, & Germany before putting his roots down in Da Lat, where he leads a quiet, no-spotlight life while making music as a hobby.

Image credit: VTV

DSK’s exposure khổng lồ diverse cultures is beautifully reflected in his lyrics, which usually speak of the vulnerable aspects of life. His signature deep voice and clear pronunciation also made him stvà out from a multitude of fellow rappers.

Bursting with emotional rawness and ingenuity, his songs “Đôi bờ” & “LỚN RỒI” that touch on the toughness of maturing inkhổng lồ adulthood are go-lớn songs for people on the quest for soul-soothing music.

Even without the glitz & glamour of costly MVs and advertising campaigns, DSK’s music is still highly sought after by stalwart hip-hop lovers.

Find it on Youtube here.

2. Suboi – the hip-hop artist who rapped for President Obama

Image adapted from: Suboi

With an impressive sầu career filled with top hits spanning over 10 years, Suboi is recognized by many for her talent & dedication ever since her 2005 debut at the age of 15.

Image credit: Suboi

Unlike many hip-hop artists of her time who used rap songs as a channel to lớn let out their anger towards society, a majority of Suboi’s songs express her love sầu for her hometown of Saigon, from its chaotic traffic lớn its street food.

Image credit: Suboi

Her tuy nhiên “N-SAO”, a tribute to Saigon’s traffic and street life, was the first MV released by a Vietnamese rapper lớn be featured on the Youtube channel of 88rising, a renowned US musical platsize for Asian artists.

Having a good comm& of English, Suboi was one of a few Vietnamese artists who spoke with và rapped for President Obama on his 2016 visit khổng lồ Saigon. Now featuring as a coach on the Rap Viet TV Show, Suboi has taken on the role of a kind and encouraging mentor khổng lồ new rappers.

Chechồng out her music on her Youtube channel.

3. Kimmese – a fierce rapper who debuted at the age of 13

Image adapted from: Kimmese Official

Kimmese, a Hanoi-based rapper, was Vietnam’s youngest hip-hop artist lớn debut at the age of 13 in 2003. With impressive performing skills and a bold sense of fashion authentic to lớn the hip-hop style, Kimmese quickly gained popularity aao ước Hanoian rap lovers.

Image credit: Kimmese

As her singing career soared, she was also invited to collaborate with big-time singers such as Mỹ Linh & to perkhung on national TV, an honor that not many hip-hop artists in the early 2000s had.

Kimmese in her teenage yearsImage credit: Soundcloud

When she released her tuy nhiên “ITSABET” in 2017, Kimmese was highly praised by local audiences for her trap-style rapping skills & charisma.

Today, Kimmese’s music centers on R&B, where she has more room to lớn show off her soulful voice and strong vocal techniques.

You can kiểm tra out more of Kimmese’s music work here.

4. Wowy Nguyen – a low-key yet gifted underground hip-hop artist

Image adapted from: Antoine VAILLANT

Compared khổng lồ today’s hip-hop artists, Wowy seems to hold the most influence in the underground community, given that he was one of the pioneers of the modern Southern Vietnamese rap trkết thúc.

You can see why on the show Rap Viet, where he is a critical coach who doesn’t sugarcoat his words.

Image credit: Wowy Nguyễn

Tough-speaking and rough-mannered himself, Wowy is inspired by US gangsta rap. Growing up in a rough neighborhood in Saigon’s District 5, he understandably raps about the challenges of living in a poor neighborhood & social taboos.

“Khu Tao Sống”, Wowy’s rap tuy vậy released in 2010 together with rapper Karik, caused a big splash aý muốn Vietnamese rappers because it talks about street life và shenanigans that not many artists on stage would have the guts to mention.

Wowy (in the center)Image adapted from: Wowy

Apart from rapping, Wowy also composed soundtracks for & stars in some movies & dramas, including “Chí Phèo Ngoại Truyện” and “Ròm“, a movie which was the grand prize winner at the 24th Busan International Film Festival.

Besides being talented in music, Wowy also happens to be a talented graffiti artist whose works have sầu been exhibited in Shangnhị và Singapore.

As he’s humble and down-to-earth, it’s unknown to many that Wowy is also one of the few Vietnamese artists who’ve sầu achieved international fame in different artistic genres, from paintings to film acting.

Wowy receiving awards for “The Last Generation”, a sci-fi film project he appeared inImage credit: Wowy

Check out his music on his Youtube channel.

5. Karik – sweet appearance và whispery voice

Image adapted from: Superbrothers

2018 saw the release of a plethora of songs in all genres of music, but none could come cthua thảm to lớn the phenomenal effect ofNgười Lạ Ơi !” by Karik và Orange.

Image credit: Karik

Karik had been active sầu in the local music scene for about 10 years, but it was only until the release of “Người Lạ Ơi !”, a song about pouring out your heart lớn strangers, that his name became known across Vietnam, where this song was repeatedly played throughout the year.

Image credit: Karik

Karik’s songs are usually loving downtempo songs, in which his sexy và whispery voice is smoothly showcased. Catch him on Rap Viet as a cheerful coach who’s always eager khổng lồ fight for any contestant he deems to lớn have sầu potential.

Or check out his music on his Youtube channel.

6. BigDaddy – performs with his wife Emily, who’s a talented singer

Image adapted from: Film Ninja Productions

Formerly known as a member of Hanoi hip-hop band Ladykillah, BigDaddy has been making great progress in the pop rap genre since he started releasing songs from 2007 that captivate both mainstream và underground audiences.

Most of BigDaddy’s works are bouncy love songs featuring rap house and R&B but with a heavy touch of pop, making his compositions blend beautifully with his distinctive sầu and swagger-filled voice.

Image credit: BigDaddy

After achieving phenomenal success with his 2013 tuy vậy “Tình Yêu Màu Nắng”, which pays homage khổng lồ Vietnam’s ethnic cultures and landscapes, BigDaddy seemed khổng lồ slow things down on the work front to spend more time on his social and personal affairs.

To mark his long-anticipated return lớn the stage last year, BigDaddy released the super hit “Mượn Rượu Tỏ Tình” on Valentine’s Day about confessing his love sầu while intoxicated with wine, where he is featured alongside his wife, singer Emily.

Emily and BigDaddy’s familyImage credit: BigDaddy

The tuy vậy was also BigDaddy’s public confession about his relationship with Emily, a renowned Hanoi underground artist and fashion inhỏ, which had been a secret ever since they started dating until they were married with 2 kids. They’re often seen performing together on stage & in MVs today.

BigDaddy is currently featured on TV Show King of Rap, where he is seen as a hyped-up and light-hearted judge who can bring the house down with his jokes.

You can listen to BigDaddy & Emily’s music on their Youtube channel here.

7. Binz – star of Vietnam’s raunchiest rap MVs

Image adapted from: SpaceSpeakers

Scoring hit after hit, Binz is a rapper whose music releases are always met with fervent attention from both underground and mainstream audiences.

The reason for this is the consistent investment in visuals in Binz’s music videos, which are never repeated in his previous or other rappers’ MVs.

Image credit: Binz Da Poet

Binz is also a rare Vietnamese hip-hop artist khổng lồ have successfully built a playboy image, as his MVs are unfailingly packed with sex appeal, eye-catching fashion, and sensual yet poetic lyrics.

His grimy, deep voice, và chất lượng pronunciation really make his rap songs about love sầu st& above sầu the rest. His latest tuy nhiên about the glitz và glamour of đô thị life và relationship, “Bigcitiboi”, was such a success that it started khổng lồ become one of his many nicknames.

Image credit: Binz Da Poet

Since his fashion style is well-received aước ao young adults, Binz is among mỏi the Vietnamese hip-hop artists who snap up the most product endorsement deals.

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Currently, Binz is one of the 4 coaches on the Rap Viet TV Show, where he’s a soft-spoken và humble coach looking for contestants with innovative sầu rapping styles.

Chechồng out his music on his Youtube channel.

8. Andree Right Hand – a các buổi party anthem creator

Image adapted from: Andree Right Hand

In a maze of rappers who rap about societal injustices and love sầu, Andree stands out with his bad boy image. Decked out in head-to-toe bling, he’s created a collection of hip-hop tiệc nhỏ anthems.

Andree’s songs display a side of Vietphái nam that’s seldom portrayed in mainstream music videos, such as partying antics & an attitude of indifference towards what other people think.

Image adapted from: Andree Right Hand

Despite triggering plenty of controversies after every music release, Andree always creates a buzz with his music và has garnered a large following throughout his 10-year career.

Unbeknownst to many, Andree is a talented fashion designer himself with a degree in graphic design. He’s also the brilliant mind behind $maker, a popular hip-hop fashion brvà in Saigon.

Image credit: Andree Right Hand

Cheông xã out Andree Right Hand’s music on his Youtube channel.

9. B-Ray – from a much talked-about rapper lớn the rapper lớn watch

Image adapted from: EvB Records

While 26-year-old rapper B-Ray is best known for his battle rap tracks that lit the underground music scene on fire when he dissed many big names, more recently, he’s been causing a splash with his transition into lớn the mainstream scene.

Image credit: B Ray 

His upbeat pop-rap song, “Ex’s Hate Me”, made history for its bold topic about addressing former lovers by topping the 2019 Youtube trover chart for 2 weeks in a row.

His recent song release about absolute devotion in love sầu, “DO FOR LOVE”, is also taking mainstream audiences by storm because of its catchy beat drop and melodic lyrics.

Image credit: B Ray

With a luscious voice & a natural knachồng for writing catchy and potentially viral lyrics, B-Ray is definitely the hip-hop artist khổng lồ watch in the future.

You can find B-Ray’s most famous rap battle tracks on his Youtube channel.

10. JustaTee – talented rapper, composer, and producer

Image adapted from: JustaTeeMusic

A rapper turned music producer, JustaTee is a wildly talented hip-hop artist who usually composes và raps in the songs or MVs that he produces.

JustaTee has a large mainstream audience who’re drawn khổng lồ his downtempo và light tunes, sweet melodies, & lyrics that liven up the atmosphere.

Image credit: JustaTee

For those who enjoy rap songs that bring a smile to lớn your faces, kiểm tra out the most iconic tuy vậy in JustaTee’s remarkable career, “Forever Alone”, which talks about the joy of being single.

Even though JustaTee doesn’t rap as much as he used lớn in order khổng lồ focus on his main job as a music producer, he can still bring the house down whenever he’s on stage.

Image credit: JustaTee

JustaTee is currently a judge on the Rap Viet TV Show, where he’s a calm & knowledgeable judge who provides insightful advice lớn coaches on the selection of contestants.

Cheông xã out his music on his Youtube channel.

11. Rhymastic – an architecture graduate turned rapper

Image adapted from: Rhymastic Official 

An architecture graduate, Rhymastic embarked on his career as a music producer & rapper of hip-hop, R&B, và soul music out of sheer passion.

Image credit: Rhymastic

Despite a laông xã of professional training, the 29-year-old rapper quickly soared to fame in the underground community through fierce diligence and his fast learning abilities.

Joining and winning many amateur rap battles while still in school, where he was praised for his unique flow và lyrical skills.

Image credit: Rhymastic

With a solid and sultry voice coupled with strong and wordplay rhyming skills, he flows on tracks such as “Giàu Sang” – an electro-funk piece about the power of money in this society. This song also marks the artist’s smooth transition from gentle love songs such as “Yêu 5”, lớn harder-hitting tunes that explore the rough edges of life.

Rhymastic is currently a judge on Rap Viet, where he offers contestants his sincere but humorous remarks about their performances và advice for their professional hip-hop career.

You can find his music on his Youtube channel.

12. Lil Knight – the pioneer of Vietnam’s rap landscape

Image adapted from: Lil’ Knight

Beginning his career as a professional hip-hop artist in 2001, Lil’ Knight, also known as LK, was credited with laying the foundation for the growth of Vietnamese rap.

Back in the early 2000s, he was also one of the first Vietnamese hip-hop artists lớn nói qua the stage with big names such as Mỹ Linch and Đăng Khôi. LK’s husky tone is vividly shown in his airy-sounding tracks about love and urban street life such as “Hà Thành Xịn” that emphakích cỡ his melodic verses instead of just his lyrics.

Image credit: LiL Knight

Possessing strong composing skills on top of rapping, LK churned out countless top hits between 2003 và 2009. His regular stage appearances and massive sầu success breathed life into lớn the local rap scene.

Image credit: LiL Knight

He was also the captain of Lady Killah, Vietnam’s most famous underground community in those days. This was also home page khổng lồ people who became Vietnam’s top hip-hop artists today, including Big Daddy và JustaTee.

“Chiếc Lá Mùa Đông“, a tuy nhiên about love sầu that marked the hip-hop artist’s cooperation with singer Dang Khoi, turned out to be a massive sầu hit that catapulted LK’s name inkhổng lồ the public consciousness.

As a judge on the show King of Rap, he often impresses viewers with his calm manners và perceptive remarks about contestants’ abilities.

Chechồng out his music on his Youtube channel.

13. Đen – from an unknown to lớn an influential rapper

Image adapted from: Đen Vâu Official 

During his career that has spanned for over a decade since 2005, Đen went from being an unknown indie rapper to a hit-maker whose music videos unfailingly score millions of views within a couple of days after release.

Đen’s name started khổng lồ garner popularity amuốn the underground community when his song “Đưa Nhau Đi Trốn ”, performed with Linc Cáo, was released & became a hit in 2014.

Image credit: Đen Vâu

Unlượt thích many hip-hop artists who rise to the spotlight with aggressive sầu dissing battles with fellow rappers, Đen thrives on his rap songs that mô tả his insights on Vietnamese society and tidbits of wisdom.

Despite being the highest-paid rapper in Vietnam giới today with a huge following, Đen is notoriously private about his personal life và can still be found going around town in simple outfits.

Image credit: Đen Vâu

Some of his most famous works include “Bài Này Chill Phết”, “Anh Đếch Cần Gì Nhiều Ngoài Em”, and “Một triệu like”.

Cheông xã out his music on his Youtube channel.

Vietnamese hip-hop artists to lớn watch in 20đôi mươi and beyond

Vietnam’s hip-hop scene is flourishing more than ever, and underground artists are gaining more recognition ahy vọng mainstream audiences as well as more professional playgrounds to lớn showcase their talents.

Check out the work of these Vietnamese hip-hop artists that deserve more attention. Hopefully, these rappers can soon represent Vietnamese rap culture in the international hip-hop scene và produce hits that top global music charts.

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