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On the lakiểm tra episode of JTBC’s “Ask Us Anything,” Rain shared his thoughts on speaking publicly about his wife Klặng Tae Hee.

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During the February 16 broadcast of the variety show, Rain & Lee Beom Soo appeared as guests to promote their film “Uhm Bok Dong.” At one point, the cast jokingly urged Rain khổng lồ talk about his wife on the show.

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Pretending to lớn be angry, Kang Ho Dong began, “I heard that you’re going around pretending to lớn be a bachelor and that you sincerely requested lớn the staff that we don’t talk about . Even Seo Jang Hoon and Lee Sang Min  don’t pretover lớn be bachelors. Why can’t you say that your wife is your wife?”

Seo Jang Hoon commented, “We underst& why you before, but it’s been a long time now since you got married.” Super Junior’s Kyên Heechul added, “You’re not even wearing your wedding ring.”

Kang Ho Dong continued, “ Beom Soo, imagine this. You’re holding a special screening, and shows up. It becomes a hot issue, & the entire country is talking about it. Wouldn’t that be a good thing?” Rain interjected, “Actually, she’s coming khổng lồ the VIPhường screening.”

However, Kang Ho Dong didn’t stop asking Lee Beom Soo questions about imaginary scenarios, và Rain finally shouted, “How much longer are you going lớn vì chưng these outdated things on variety shows?” Lee Sang Min responded by demanding khổng lồ know what the actress was up lớn lately.

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Rain explained, “I never said that I wouldn’t talk about her. But these days, no matter how carefully I talk about her, it comes back to bite me. I want to separate my work from my family life, and so I’m being more careful. It’s not that I won’t talk about her. It’s just that I love sầu her và cherish her so much.”

The cast members then brought up Rain’s past appearance on the show in 2017, which he filmed shortly before announcing his engagement lớn Kyên ổn Tae Hee. During the show, Rain performed his song “The Best Present” for the first time, và it was only later that he confessed that it had been a proposal song.

When the cast accused hyên ổn of proposing to lớn Klặng Tae Hee through the performance without telling them, Rain replied, “It’s true that I deceived you. I want khổng lồ take this opportunity khổng lồ apologize.” He added, “ really likes ‘Ask Us Anything."”

Rain & Klặng Tae Hee got married in January 2017 and welcomed their daughter in October of the same year. Chechồng out Kim Tae Hee in her most recent drama “The Gang Doctor” below!

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