Kill me, heal me

Cha Do-Hyun (played by Ji Sung)Oh Ri-Jin (played by Hwang Jung-Eum)Oh Ri-On (played by Park Seo-Joon)↑Note: Korean names denote the surname followed by the given name.

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I finished watching the final episode of “Kill Me, Heal Me” early this morning, & I am left with a sense of melancholy — not because the ending was unhappy (it wasn’t), but because the series was so good I wanted lớn see more. This K-Drama unravels at a languid pace. As each new backstory is revealed, it felt lượt thích a jolt lớn my heart.

Full disclosure: It took me six months to watch all trăng tròn episodes. I started with the first episode last fall, didn’t think much of it và put it on the back burner. It was my Twitter followers who insisted that I had to lớn watch this and that I would love sầu it. They were so very right. I was bingewatching right & left. So lớn all of you who nudged me, thank you!

Ri-Jin is a psychiatric resident. She meets a seemingly disturbed man named Do-Hyun, who asks for her help in treating his mental illness. He suffers from dissociative identity disorder và “lives” with six other personalities:

✔️ Shin Se-Gi: Looks lượt thích a roông chồng star, fights lượt thích a MMA champion. He doesn’t allow Do-Hyun to lớn be bullied. Also, in an unusual twist, he is the man stuông chồng in the second lead syndrome.

✔️ Perry Park: A happy-go-lucky ajusmê say who loves fishing và has a knack for building bombs.

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✔️ Yo-Sub: An artistic và sensitive sầu high school boy who is suicidal. The series title comes from an incident where he writes, “Kill Me,” prior to his plan to commit suicide. Upon finding this, Ri-Jin changes his graffiti khổng lồ, “Heal Me.”

✔️ Yo-Na: Yo-Sub’s twin sister. The 17-year-old loves K-Pop & handsome men, lượt thích Ri-Jin’s twin brother, Ri-On.

✔️ Na-Na: A 7-year-old who embodies the traumas Do-Hyun remembers from his childhood.

✔️ Mr. X: Looks like a magician. Behaves lượt thích a father.

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Do-Hyun created each of these personalities lớn help hlặng cope with the childhood trauma that he lived through.


Of course, as the heir to a huge company that he is expected to helm, his mental illness has lớn be kept a secret. Secrets always get out, though, especially in an office enviroment where no one seems lớn cthất bại the doors before having private conversations.
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