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Couples that cốt truyện a large age gap still raise eyebrows in Korea, but this may soon be accepted as commonplace with changes in the Korean entertainment industry.K-pop singer và rapper Park Joon-hyung, 45, from boy group g.o.d, announced plans Monday to marry his flight attendant fiancee -- who is 13 years his junior -- next month.

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Singer-rapper Park Joon-hyung, also known as Joon Park, plans khổng lồ tie the knot with his flight attendant girlfriover -- who is 13 years younger than hlặng -- next month. (OSEN)
Singer Sulli, 21, from girl group f(x), has been in a relationship with singer Choiza, from hip-hop group Dynamic Duo, for over a year and-a-half. The couple, who nói qua a 14-year age gap, was first reported to be dating in September 2013, though both stars have sầu largely kept their relationship out of the spotlight.
Singers Sulli (right), from girl group f(x), and Choiza, from hip-hop duo Dynamic Duo, are dating despite a 14-year age gap. (OSEN)
Actor Bae Yong-joon, who famously starred in Korea’s hit drama series "Winter Sonata" in 2002, separated from his girlfriover Koo So-hee in February this year. Koo, who is a niece of the LG Corporation founder, is 14 years younger than Bae, who is 42-years-old.

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Actor Bae Yong-joon (left) separated from his girlfriover of over a year -- who is 14 years younger than him -- in February. (OSEN)
Singer Seo Taiji, 43, married his second wife, actress Lee Eun-sung, who is 16 years younger than hlặng, in 2013. Lee gave birth lớn their first child, a daughter, last August.
Singer Seo Taiji (right) married his second wife, actress Lee Eun-sung, who is 16 years younger than hyên. (Seo Taiji Company)
Television personality and comedian Lee Soo-geun, 40, married his stydanh mục wife Park Ji-yeon in 2008, who is 12 years younger than hlặng."People teased me for "stealing" a wife who is 12 years younger than me," said Lee, who has two sons with his wife. Lee made the comments in 2010 at the wedding of fellow comedian Seo Kyung-seok, whose wife is 14 years his junior.

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Television personality & comedian Lee Soo-geun (left) married his stydanh mục wife Park Ji-yeon -- who is 12 years younger than hlặng -- in 2008. They have sầu two sons together. (Story On)
Lee"s older brother Lee Soo-cheol confessed in 2011 that he was in a relationship with a girl who was 19 years younger than hlặng on a TV guest appearance on a variety program.
Television personality và comedian Lee Soo-geun"s older brother, Lee Soo-cheol (right), admitted on a TV program to dating a girl 19 years younger than him. (KBS)
Television personality và comedian Seo Kyung-seok married his wife -- a recently graduated art student at the time, who is 14 years younger than hyên ổn -- in 2010. (Hwang Madam)
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