Lee bo young and ji sung


Ji Sung and Lee Bo-young’s Romance

This couple first met in 2004 while filming Save sầu the Last Dance for Me. After finishing the program, Ji Sung confessed to lớn Lee Bo-young, and they became lovers.

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On the 10th broadcast of the SBS talk show Healing Camp, Lee Bo-young shared her love sầu story with Ji Sung. She revealed that she rejected Ji Sung’s confession at first because she didn’t want to date a celebrity. Lee Bo-young said, “Before he confessed his feelings khổng lồ me, he revealed his feelings khổng lồ my manager. He made me speechless when he said that he would quit his acting lớn win my heart.”

Ji Sung and Lee Bo-young Get Married


After confirming that they were dating in 2007, Ji Sung & Lee Bo-Young got married on September 27, 2013, at Aston House in W Seoul Walkerhill Hotel. They finally got married after being in a loving relationship for about 7 years.

Ji Sung proposed lớn Lee Bo-young in Spain, and they took pre-wedding photos there.

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Lee Bo-young and Ji Sung are #Couplegoals


The intimate love sầu between Ji Sung & Lee Bo-young makes people always look at this couple. They are adorable when Ji Sung talks about his wife or when Lee Bo-young talks about her husband.

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They are open about their feelings towards each other without hiding anything. Their love bird looks are still the same as when they were dating. After being married for almost 5 years, they prove sầu that love can increase more and more. They always support each other và respect each other. Love always spreads around Ji Sung & Lee Bo-young every time they describe their feelings for each other such as Ji Sung showing tư vấn by visiting his wife when filming the drama Whisper and Lee Bo-young visiting her husband at the Innocent Defendant drama filming location.

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