Huy tuan pham

I am a Second year PhD student in the Department of Mathematics at University. I am very fortunate lớn be advised by Professor Jacob Fox. I previously obtained my BS in Mathematics và MS in Statistics with Honors & Distinction from University, and a Master of Advanced Study in Mathematics with Distinction from the University of Cambridge.

Research Interests

Additive combinatorics, probabilistic methods in combinatorics, extremal combinatorics, probability theory, theoretical computer science, deep learning.



Regularity method & large deviations principles for the Erdos-Renyi hypergraph, Nicholas Cook, Amir Dembo, H. T. Pham mê, khổng lồ be submitted. (arXiv)

A multipartite analogue of Dilworth"s Theorem, Jacob Fox, H. T. Pđắm đuối, in preparation.

Mixing time of fractional random walk on finite fields, Jimmy He, H. T. Pham mê, Max Wenqiang Xu, to lớn be submitted. (arXiv)

On the sampling Lovasz Local Lemma for atomic constraint satisfaction problems, Vishesh jain, H. T. Pđam mê, Thuy Duong Vuong, lớn be submitted. (arXiv)

Towards the sampling Lovasz Local Lemma, Vishesh Jain, H. T. Pmê man, Thuy Duong Vuong, lớn be submitted. (arXiv)

A Rigorous Framework for the Mean Field Limit of Multilayer Neural Networks, Phan-Minh Nguyen*, H. T. Pham*, to be submitted. (arXiv) (Slides) (Talk)

Global convergence of three-layer neural networks in the mean field regime, Phan-Minch Nguyen*, H. T. Pham*. (ICLR 2021 Oral, Top 1.8% of submissions)

A Note on the Global Convergence of Multilayer Neural Networks in the Mean Field Regime, H. T. Pham*, Phan-Minch Nguyen*. (arXiv)

Irreducibility of random polynomials of bounded degree, H. T. Ptê mê, Max Wenqiang Xu, submitted. (arXiv)

Subphối sums, completeness and colorings, David Conlon, Jacob Fox, H. T. Psi, lớn be submitted.

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Tower-type bounds for Roth"s theorem with popular differences, Jacob Fox, H. T. Psay đắm, Yufei Zhao, khổng lồ be submitted. (arXiv)

Popular monochromatic progression differences, Jacob Fox, H. T. Psay đắm, to lớn be submitted.

Popular progression differences in vector spaces, Jacob Fox, H. T. Pđê mê, International Mathematics Research Notices, to lớn appear. (arXiv)

Popular progression differences in vector spaces II, Jacob Fox, H. T. Pđắm say, Discrete Analysis, 2019:16. (arXiv)

Comtháng & Sidorenko linear equations, Jacob Fox, H. T. Psi, Yufei Zhao, Quarterly Journal of Mathematics, khổng lồ appear. (arXiv)


Almost periodiđô thị & its applications khổng lồ Roth"s theorem, H. T. Psay đắm. (pdf)

Selected Awards và Distinctions

Rank 1 - Part III of the Mathematical Tripos - University of Cambridge, 2019.

Pure Mathematics Prize - University of Cambridge, 2019.

Awarded to best student in Pure Mathematics at Part III of the Mathematical Tripos.

Morgan Prize Honorable Mention, 2018.

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Kennedy Thesis Prize in the Natural Sciences - University, 2018.

Awarded to the best senior honors thesis in each of the following areas of study: humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, & engineering and applied sciences.

Deans’ Award for Academic Achievement - University, 2017.

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Awarded to between five & ten extraordinary undergraduate students, based on excellent academic achievements and independent research.

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