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As soon as Megan Thee Stallion"s "Hot Girl Summer" blew up, we started hearing about "Hot Boy Summer" — a clumsy attempt to masculinize the meme

If there’s a person out there who isn’t intrigued by the idea of a “Hot Girl Summer,” they can stay inside with the air conditioning on.

The steamiest months of 2019 belong khổng lồ the women living without limits, inspired by Megan Thee Stallion, a breakout rapper who has staked a clalặng in Houston and well beyond. Her debut mixtape, Fever, arrived in May to become the soundtraông xã of the season, & brought with it the “Hot Girl Summer” theme, courtesy of the traông chồng “Cash Shit,” which begins with this declaration: “Real hot girl shit / Yeah, I’m in my bag, but I’m in his too.” Fans took care of the rest, it seems. 

Megan thee Stallion’s effortless/unintentional branding is really a case study in itself! “Drive the boat” “hot girl summer” etc. lượt thích these catchphrases are fucking everywhere, Megan is EVERYWHERE!!!

— Shelton Griffith (
flyrebel) July 8, 2019

hot girl summer don’t mean we out here thottin GOOFYS
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