Hang mai: the ecology base


Hang Mai (Class of 2017)is currently attending UC Berkeley with a multitude of scholarships & financial aid, paying as little as nothing.

SAT:1240 (New Scale)GPA: 4.22Involvements: ACS, Yearbook, Girls’ League, UNICEF, CSF, NHS, Class of 2017Accepted: SDSU, CSULB, Cal Poly SLO, CSUF, UCSD, UCI, UC BerkeleyAttending: UC Berkeley

Why did you chose that certain college: I allowed myself khổng lồ conceive unrealistic expectations of Cal throughout the years as it was my “dream school” since freshman year. I held my breath as I entered the campus, scared that I’ll be let down by what other criticize as “too hippie” & “too liberal.” Is it wrong I liked seeing hippies on the streets selling souvenirs with sketchy origins or running into a student prothử nghiệm blocking off Sather Gate? So of course it wasn’t lượt thích anything I dreamt of, it was way better. I instantly fell in love with Cal. Cal is a place where there’s always something happening, something you don’t see everyday, always filled with life- from the people to lớn the buildings. This is how you have an enriching college experience. You have sầu to be exposed khổng lồ new things- things that scare you, things that intrigue you, things that change you. Yep, 409 miles from home page will definitely vị all of the above sầu. The campus had me sold but affordability is also a decision changing factor. I was offered an abundance of financial aid, support programs, & scholarships from Berkeley’s CAA Alumni Association so I’m paying little to lớn nothing for a high end education.

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UC Berkeley is like the best boyfrikết thúc I haven’t had yet- supportive, accepting, free in spirit, and gives me a lot of money. Also has a meme page with over 104,000 followers but I’ll stop here. Go Bears!

Personal Statement:

Describe your leadership experience?

A lengthy divorce ended with one more heavy responsibility added to lớn my plate- a babysitter, & one person being in the house a lot less- my mom. As a single parent, her job as an seamstress barely scraped enough money khổng lồ support all three of us; it led her lớn pursue a career as a manicurist two hours away from trang chủ. It was a turning point in my life. I suddenly became two people. At school, I am an honor student racing from one class khổng lồ another, one club meeting lớn another, one yearbook photoshoot lớn another. After school, I am a babysitter who races from home page khổng lồ doctors’ office, libraries, & Mitchell Elementary School. Without my mom’s presence, I raised my sister which meant giving lectures passed down from my mom to me & now khổng lồ her, listening lớn her problems, & being a beacon of light for her.

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