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Multi-Purpose Fertilizer, Chemical và Seed Applicators’s 45-lb., & 100-lb. capađô thị Multi-Purpose hoppers allow you khổng lồ apply fertilizer, seed or chemical. Unit can easily be configured from one khổng lồ four outlets & comes with blaông chồng metering wheels for small seed và granular chemicals; red metering wheels for small grains & fertilizer và yellow high-output metering wheels for fertilizer. It is equipped with a stainless steel metering housing & a standard bolt-in agitator lớn assist in product flow. A U-frame mounting bracket is included to lớn allow for easy surface mounting.

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* Lawn Drop Spreaders

For every purpose, turf manager to lớn homeowner, has a full line of variable và fixed rate drop spreaders. Available in 24", 36" and 42" models, all are available with a push-handle và the 36" & 42" are also available with a tow hitch. If you are looking for a 3-pt hitch option, our 42" model with an electric motor drive is the answer. All three sizes are capable of distributing accurate, professional applications of dry free-flowing materials


Agriculture Products

* offers a number of Agricultural Delivery Systems for granular herbicides, pesticides, seeds, lime and forage preservatives.

Cover Crop Seeders


Protect and enhance your soil chất lượng with a cover crop seeder ranging from 10 cu ft (8 bushels) to 40 cu ft (32 bushels) from

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Turf & Landscape Products

* offers a line of lawn spreaders, lawn rollers, and turf brushes.

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MSRPhường. - Pricing is subject to lớn change without prior notice. MSRPhường pricing does not include costs for freight, special handling, drop shipping or applicable taxes.

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