Gal Gadot'S Husband & Kids All Have Cameos In 'Wonder

"We are all so excited to lớn welcome Daniella inkhổng lồ our family. I’m sending all of you love & health," the "Wonder Woman 1984" & "Justice League" star said on Instagram.

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Gal Gadot và partner Yaron Varsano have welcomed their third child, they announced in separate Instagram posts on Tuesday.

Sharing the same family phokhổng lồ featuring the smiling actress and her partner along with their baby, Daniella, the parents expressed their mutual excitement over the new arrival.

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“My sweet family. I couldn’t be more grateful and happy (& tired),” the Wonder Woman star posted in her Instagram caption. We are all so excited to lớn welcome Daniella into our family. I’m sending all of you love & health.”

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In his own post, Varsano — who has been with the actress & model for more than a decade — shared the news by declaring, “And now we are .”

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A post shared by JaronVarsano (

“So happy & grateful,” he continued. “My dear wife is a lioness!! So thankful and humbled by your powers.”

Both photos feature Gadot & Varsano, along with their two older daughters, Alma Versano, 9, và Maya Versano, 4. Alma can be seen cradling the newborn, Daniella.

Celebrities including Priyanka Chopra & Kate Hudson were among muốn those congratulating Gadot on social media with Gadot’s former Fast & Furious co-star Ludacris writing, “ gurls huh.”

Gadot initially announced her pregnancy baông xã in early March, also on her social media. Posting lớn Instagram and Twitter, the Cleopatra star shared, “Here we go again,” alongside another phokhổng lồ featuring her husbvà và two daughters, who were cradling her baby bump.

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