One of the more popular thắm thiết comedies is Crazy, Stupid, Love, which stars Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone. The film was one of Stone’s more memorable roles before she went on to lớn do La La Land

Just like Stone, Gosling is a talented actor, & the movie helped show his range. One of the scenes copied the iconic lift move sầu from Dirty Dancing. However, Stone wasn’t a huge tín đồ of incorporating the move sầu. 


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Emma Stone & Ryan Gosling starred in multiple films together

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Stone started to pursue acting while she was a teenager. She has acted in several well-known comedies, such as Zombieland and Easy A. Critics praised many of her roles & she’s been nominated for a few Academy Awards và a Golden Globe. Stone won an Osoto for Best Actress in La La Land. As one of the most successful actresses in Hollywood, Stone earns millions for her roles. In fact, she was the highest-paid actor in 2017.

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Gosling is a Canadian actor who started his career by acting in The Mickey Mouse Club in 1993. He later starred in popular films, such as The Notebook. He has also received Golden Globe and Osoto nominations. The two actors have starred in three movies together. In 2011, they both landed roles in the film Crazy, Stupid, Love. A couple of years later, they were in Gangster Squad together. One of the most critically acclaimed films they starred in was La La Land. There’s no doubt these two have tons of chemistry!

The two actors play love sầu interests in ‘Crazy, Stupid Love’

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Crazy, Stupid, Loveis a thắm thiết comedy that stars Steve Carell along with Stone and Gosling. The story is about a middle-aged man named Cal, who is getting a divorce. He receives help from a womanizer named Jacob và learns how to lớn flirt with women effectively.

There are a couple of other side plots, lượt thích the relationship between Jacob và Hannah. Towards the kết thúc, Cal và his wife get baông chồng together. The film did fairly well at the box office và received several nominations.

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In the movie, Gosling plays Jacob. His character falls in love sầu with the main character’s daughter without knowing he’s been helping her dad pichồng up women. The actor stands out among muốn the cast, và his role in Crazy, Stupid, Love is considered one of his best ones. 

Stone plays the part of Hannah, who is Jacob’s love sầu interest. After she reveals that she is Cal’s daughter, Cal does not approve of her & Jacob’s relationship. However, he changes his mind in the end. 

Emma Stone got frightened when filming the lift scene

One of the most iconic moments fromDirty Dancingis the lift scene. The scene happens at the kết thúc of the film. During the sequence, the two main characters dance on stage. Patrick Swayze’s character jumps off the stage and land in the middle of the aisle.

Members of the audience join in and help Jennifer Grey’s character down from the stage. She then runs lớn Swayze, who lifts her in the air completely. Grey once revealed that she was terrified of doing the lift. As it turns out, she was not the only one scared of the dancemove sầu.

Crazy, Stupid, Loverecreates the scene in a humorous fashion. According khổng lồ BuzzFeed, the scene was not in the script. Gosling added it in the film since he used to lớn vì chưng ballet. However, he did not realize that Stone had an extreme fear of heights.

She had no clue either until rehearsal. As soon as Gosling raised his costar in the air, she had a complete meltdown. Gosling said it was lượt thích “a possum falling out of a tree and trying khổng lồ scratch your eyes out.” She needed khổng lồ take a minute to calm down. In the end, Stone could not vì the lift scene. As a result, she used a body double for the big move sầu, which is why the scene cuts lớn a wide shot outside the house during that moment.