Michelle Phan Relaunches Em Cosmetics And Explains Her Social Media Detox

Michelle Phan is gearing up khổng lồ launch Em Cosmetics, & if you think you’ve sầu seen that name before, it’s because you have sầu. In 2013, Michelle teamed up with L’Oréal khổng lồ create her first-ever makeup line, Em. Michelle’s makeup debut didn’t skyrocket successfully like her other projects (a wildly popular YouTube channel that’s considered one of Beauty’s first, a collaboration with makeup mainstay Lancôme, & a beauty subscription service called Ipsy). After dealing head-on with the fall of Em, Michelle decided she needed a full digital detox. She boldly left her brand và her life in search of soul-seeking. Now, Em is about to lớn relaunch, Michelle’s way. Streamlined with liquid liners & gorgeous cream lipsticks, Em’s arrival is a rebirth and the perfect introduction to lớn Michelle’s next chapter. Here, she explains why she had lớn disappear & how she plans on coming bachồng, bigger than ever.

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When I was in my early teens, makeup was my way of feeling more beautiful. I wore eyeliner because I wanted my eyes khổng lồ look bigger. Then going into lớn my 20s, my perspective sầu changed. I saw makeup in a different way. Makeup was a khung of self-expression. It was my size of art. My face was a canvas. It was my way of exploring the different facets of my personality. I could be a dark goth girl, or I could be this bubbly princess. That was my form of self-discovery. And now that I’m entering my 30s, I feel lượt thích my perspective sầu on beauty has changed. It’s more refined. I know exactly the types of products I want for me, that look best for me. I’m now more inkhổng lồ the tooling of products instead, so I used all these recent life experiences khổng lồ help create my br& re-launch.

Last year I took a hiatus. During a year off, I was able lớn travel lớn places in Europe và Africa. I went khổng lồ Egypt because I love Egypt so much. I cut off social truyền thông media cold turkey. It is really scary, because you can become irrelevant. If you don’t upload a đoạn phim or stay updated, within a month you’re irrelevant. People forget about you because there’s so much happening online.

This year it will be 10 years since I started doing this. I felt like it was time for me to just relax và enjoy life because since my first Clip in 2007 I didn’t stop. I was hustling nonstop. It wasn’t like today when there’s an infrastructure, and it’s easier lớn plug yourself in. Baông chồng then, it was a lot of work for me. I turned 29 last year, & I just wanted lớn enjoy my 20s for at least one year. I don’t have kids, I’m not married. I wanted lớn enjoy that freedom of not having to lớn worry about anything. I achieved the goals I wanted to with my company. We raised 100 million. We’re good. I thought, financially, I’m okay. My family is okay. Why vì I feel lượt thích I need more? Sometimes I feel lượt thích our society tells us, “No, you need more! You need more money. You need lớn be a multi-billionaire.” But why?

I’m a very simple person. I came from a very simple background and I didn’t need khổng lồ continue growing and being number one in order to feel validated. I actually wasn’t happy last year. I was really sad & depressed. I self-diagnosed myself, và I think I had depression. That was when I decided to had an intervention with myself and lớn remove myself from the environment that was causing all that anxiety, which was L.A. I needed khổng lồ listen lớn my head và my heart. And how could I bởi that when all the noise was in my environment, like in LA with all the honking. How could I hear myself?

I was going almost borderline crazy. So I packed a suitcase — my whole life — in one piece of luggage, and I just left. I didn’t even tell anyone. My business partners, board members, everyone was freaking out, lượt thích, “Did Michelle just quit? We need her!” I thought, “Dude, if you want me to lớn make this brand great, I need myself to lớn think great. I need lớn feel great, & I don’t feel great right now.” So that’s why I left.

I flew to Switzerlvà, và I went khổng lồ a thành phố called Zermatt. It’s interesting, because no one can drive cars in the city within a five sầu mile radius. So, you park far away and take a little shuttle that’s electric. There are little golf carts everywhere. I can’t even begin to lớn tell you how quiet it was. It was so quiet that I could hear my thoughts at night. It’s so scary. I couldn’t even hear animals. I would go outside and sit và stare at the stars. All my worries và struggles all of a sudden felt like nothing, because I saw an endless sea of stars. And I thought, “There’s probably someone else like me that’s worrying about themselves too và we’re all in this….” I didn’t feel alone anymore.

It was a digital detox. I reconnected myself baông xã lớn nature. Nature healed me. Nature reminded me that everything we’ve sầu built around our world that we have sầu today doesn’t really matter. When I went lớn see the pyramids, I thought, “Wow, these were built for pharaohs, where are they now?” These civilizations come and go. So all these problems that we put inkhổng lồ ourselves — the anxiety & căng thẳng — are really influenced by outsides sources. But we have sầu the power to lớn choose whether we want them khổng lồ influence us. That was something that I had khổng lồ recognize. And I had to recognize that by reflecting — và how can you reflect when you’re always stressed. You can’t.

It was interesting coming baông chồng lớn L.A. It felt like nothing changed, which is weird because digital changed a lot, but the scene…nothing really changed. But I didn’t come back the same. I came baông chồng changed & different. I saw things differently. I have sầu more clarity. I know now how lớn speak to lớn youth. I feel lượt thích at a certain point, I was lost, too. I had to lớn reorient myself. And now I know where I need lớn go…who I need to speak to…what industries I’m interested in disrupting…what other industries need to lớn be disrupted & how can I find talented people who have the ability to make that change. And I think we’re just at the beginning of a lot of change that’s going khổng lồ happen.

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Now I have a second chance for this makeup br&. So, I’m excited about just launching it and showing people how I’ve sầu changed. Em is going to lớn be an introduction of my evolution. Because I’ve been evolving since I was that 15-year-old on Xanga. I’m changing, & I want lớn show people that it’s okay khổng lồ change và to lớn grow. So many people want khổng lồ stay the same forever. The only constant in life is change. We need to lớn embrace it. Most importantly, I wanted lớn make this brand for my viewers. They’ve been supporting me for over 10 years. This is really for them. That’s why the price point is affordable. The eyeliner is $15. We made sure that everything is made according khổng lồ the standard of art pens. Everything is just easy, effortless, affordable và intuitive sầu.

Everybody needs lớn be in a good place if you want to create something beautiful. I wasn’t. When Em Cosmetics, launched with L’Oréal, flopped, I was trolled so hard online. I had Reddit forums dedicated to lớn hating on it. I was bullied. I hate using that word because everyone is bullied, but I was digitally bullied. And I never argued with anyone, even if they said something that was not right — lượt thích people were saying that my previous formulations were really cheap. I could have sầu said a lot of things, but the thing about the mạng internet is that you cannot have sầu a legitimate arguement with someone online and win.

A lot of them are people who choose to misunderst& you. So if they choose lớn misunderstand you, you already lost & there’s no use trying to lớn convince them otherwise. I tried a few times, but instead of focusing my attention on the negative sầu people, I’d rather just focus on the positive people who have sầu something positive sầu lớn say. You can distinguish the difference between someone who is being emotional and reactive and someone who just wants lớn be heard — they’re willing to lớn have an intellectual conversation with you. That’s what I want to lớn tell people — don’t even waste your time trying to lớn convince negative sầu people — they’re not going khổng lồ be convinced. The best way to convince anyone is to lớn show them through actions. Pretty words can say so much, but it’s really action that silences everyone.

When I was younger, I was really naive sầu. I came from a small town. I didn’t know anything about the business world. I went to art school and I was studying medicine. You can’t trust everyone you meet right off the bat. Even if they seem genuine, lượt thích they want khổng lồ help you. You have khổng lồ have a strong sense of discernment. You have sầu lớn listen lớn và use your intuition. Just listen to that gut. If you feel lượt thích your gut is telling you this person seems a little off or this khuyến mãi seems kindomain authority sketchy, listen to lớn that intuition and lawyer up. Always lawyer up. Before even getting a manager, get a lawyer.

But I made it out. I am not gone, guys. I’m stronger than ever. We all go through this. It’s like the hero’s journey. It’s lượt thích The Lion King — Simba went through this, I went through this. You rise, you fall, & then you rise even higher. I grew up watching Sailor Moon, so I wanted lớn be that anh hùng. I realize I’m not a nhân vật, I’m just a girl. I’m just a girl who wants the best for the world — just lượt thích everyone else.

As told khổng lồ Teen Vogue.

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