Timeline of taylor swift and ed sheeran's adorable friendship

Capital takes a closer look at one of the sweechạy thử friendships in pop as we delve into what makes Ed Sheeran và US star Taylor Swift the perfect musical matches for one another.

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2. When Taylor won a BRIT award, she just couldn't help but give sầu Ed a loving shout-out!

We're pretty sure when this moment happened, the whole world felt ALL of the feels. WE LOVE YOU TOO ED.


3. They look GOOD in pictures together!

Something about this picture just SCREAMS "Let us be your pals too!"


4. They know how to các buổi tiệc nhỏ when the moment's right... và bring along their celeb pals!

Just see this snap of them out clubbing with budding star Austin Mahone for reference.


edsheeran's best look ever. #redtour" Taylor posted alongside this delightful snap. Picture: Taylor Swift instagram

6. They made sure to look after each other... and even swap clothes!

We reckon this hat looks rather fetching on young Ed! Picture: Getty

7. Ed & Taylor even sit together at big awards shows... so they can have sầu a natter & a catch-up

We could LOVE to have sầu been a fly-on-the-wall in this conversation. Picture: Getty

8. Just watching them together, it's OBVIOUS how comfortable Taylor và Ed are!

See this snap of them touring the UK just melts our HEARTS!

9. Taylor và Ed LOVE themselves a cup of tea... #StarsAfterOurOwnHeart

"Ed told me to caption this "SWEERAN" Taylor posted with this snap. Think we've sầu found ourselves a new name for this pair! Picture: Instagram

10. Whether it's chilling together and writing songs, or partying after the VMAs... they're always BFFs!

Love this snap of Taylor & Ed partying with Harry Styles after the MTV VMAs. Picture: spikyphil instagram

11. They're even invited over to lớn play together at the US ambassdor's house! #CoolKids

Wait... is that Cara Delevingne singing with our favourite pop pair? Picture: Instagram

12. They look ADORABLE riding a roller-coaster together

Taylor claimed she had "the best day ever" as she hit Disney World with the British star. Her face says it all!

13. Ed and Taylor are kindred spirits musically!

Both Taylor và Ed have sầu been vocally supportive sầu of each other in the press và Ed told MTV the two are "very much alượt thích musically", which makes sense since they are two of the biggest singer-songwriters in the world right now. Picture: Twitter

14. They teamed up for an AMAZING duet on 'Everything Has Changed'

The pair recorded the tuy nhiên 'Everything Has Changed' for the country star's album 'Red'.

15. Taylor brought her pal Ed Sheeran to join her on the 'Red' tour

The 'Lego House' man hit the road with the singer on her huge North American 'Red' tour.

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16. This pair of pop BFFs want lớn record even more music together

If there's one sure sign that the friendship between Ed & US star Taylor is real, it's that the two plan to release even more duets together in the future.

17. Ed and Taylor always support each other's career achievements

Taylor was quiông xã khổng lồ send Ed a message of congratulations after his MTV Europe Music Awards nomination,, & the 'A Team' singer did similarly after Taylor sold a massive sầu 1.2 million copies of her album 'Red' in just one week. There's one thing that's for sure…these two have sầu each other's backs!

18. Ed's the one who came up with a nickname for his BFF Taylor

After being congratulated by Taylor for his achievements on Twitter, the 'Small Bump' star revealed he has already come up with a pet name for his mate across the pond when he affectionately referred khổng lồ her as 'Tay Tay'. #Adorbs.

19. Taylor was a BIG part in helping our Ed crachồng America

By having him join her on tour in 2013, Ed says Taylor is helping to lớn "open up doors" for him in the United States as he will get to bring his quality br& of pop lớn an entirely new audience. Now THAT'S what friends are for.

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đôi mươi. Taylor was just as excited as Ed was to her hyên on tour with her

While supporting Taylor on the 'Red' tour in 2013 is a big khuyễn mãi giảm giá for Ed Sheeran, 'Begin Again' singer Taylor seems just as excited about their country-wide adventure and has said she feels like the "luckiest girl" lớn have sầu the UK star joining her on the road.

21. Taylor even treats Ed khổng lồ a spot of trang chính cooking when the time calls for it

The 'Love Story' singer wrote 'Everything Has Changed' with Ed at her home in America, and the singer later revealed she had cracked out the oven mitts and baked him an táo bị cắn pie after their songwriting marabé nhỏ. Save us a slice Taylor!Picture: Twitter

22. Ed has sealed their friendship in ink!

Ed has already immortalised Taylor's album và tour 'Red' by having the title tattooed onlớn his left bicep, after realising the tour will be a big part of his life in 2013. There's no going bachồng now Ed! Picture: Twitter

23. When they get those guitars out together and start playing...it just... works!

Especially when they've got the HUGE Madison Square Garden right in the palm of their hands!

24. You only have khổng lồ watch them performing on stage together to know this is their FAVE moment

Back on the 'Red' tour, this was many fans' favourite moment of the night. Picture: Splash

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