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Now, the story did not end there since actor Dingdong Dantes, husband of Marian Rivera, is now being involved with the Padilla-Uson issue.

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DDS-related accounts have sầu claimed that Dantes impregnated Lindsay de Vera, his co-star in the defunct TV series Alyas Robinhood, in order khổng lồ shift the attention away from Uson.

Last Friday, January 22, the actor trended on Twitter over a claim spread by Andrew Olivar. The now-deleted post is about a blind cống phẩm that speaks of a guy nicknamed “doorbell” who impregnated a woman.

Netizens speculated that the person being referred khổng lồ was none other than Dingdong.

The showbiz website then clarified that their blind công trình was not Dantes. Nevertheless, Olivar, a friend of Uson và a DDS, was already leading the attaông chồng on Dantes.

"a friend of M", MOCHA, who is allegedly in a blind cửa nhà of PEP (w/ Robin)

Now u know how they manipulated Dingdong on the issues, to divert the attention. Nagpapaloko naman kayo.

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That Lindsay is a co-actor of hyên in Alyas Robin Hood, which aired in 2017.

Y"all just want drama

— Dingdong Dantes ˢᵗᵃⁿ (
dongdantes_) January 22, 2021

The actor did not comment on the issue but his wife did. On her Instagram account, Marian Rivera posted on her IG story a pholớn from her role in Encantadia with the caption “pashnea”. The term in Encantadia language means “animal!” & is a slang which expresses anger or contempt.

Netizens reacted khổng lồ the actress’s IG story which apparently is directed lớn the ones spreading rumors regarding her husb& being linked lớn De Vera.

dongdantes_, a schảy tài khoản for Rivera’s husbvà reacted lớn how Rivera channeled her inner Encantadia character in order to indirectly retaliate with the fake news about her husb&.

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Marian Rivera channeling her inner Ynang Reyna Minea. She"s not the mother of four sangres for nothing! Mga Pashnea! HAHAHA

— Dingdong Dantes ˢᵗᵃⁿ (
dongdantes_) January 22, 2021

PinaysInShowbiz seemed khổng lồ be disappointed with how some fans were reacting to lớn the issue.

Last thought abt that ridiculous FAKE news(maybe
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